House would-bes cast as youthful, inexperienced

Campaigns supporting two East Bay Democratic congressmen have launched new efforts attacking their challengers – one a Republican, the other a fellow Democrat – as too youthful and inexperienced to serve.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a “Ricky’s Real Resume” website to call attention to what it says are shortcomings on the part of Ricky Gill, 25, of Lodi, the Republican challenger to Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Stockton, in the 9th Congressional District.

“Ricky Gill is more qualified to be a congressional intern than a Congressman, and everything on his resume is an exaggeration at best,” DCCC spokeswoman Amber Moon said. “Gill has spent this entire campaign trying to sell himself to voters as a small business job creator among other things, but how can Ricky Gill talk about creating jobs when he’s never even had one?”

Gill’s campaign couldn’t immediately be reached for comment today.

UPDATE @ 12:40 A.M. SUNDAY: From Gill campaign spokesman Colin Hunter:

“Voters aren’t buying Jerry McNerney’s tired and misleading campaign attacks. The Stockton Record recently concluded that McNerney was making ‘false’ claims in his advertisements. This amateurish website is just more of the same.

“We’re happy to talk about experience in this campaign. McNerney’s experience includes voting for record-setting, trillion dollar deficits; taking contributions from the predatory lenders he bailed out; lying to voters about where he lives; and totally failing to defend our communities from the threat posed by Governor Brown’s peripheral tunnels.

“By contrast, Ricky actually has the experience of living in the district he seeks to represent; of serving with distinction on the State Board of Education; of volunteering his time at local hospitals and homeless shelters; and of working in agriculture and small business.”

Meanwhile, in the 15th Congressional District, Rep. Pete Stark, D-Fremont, has put out a new, t-ball-themed mailer painting his Democratic challenger, Dublin councilman and Alameda County prosecutor Eric Swalwell, as a “rookie” lacking the experience to take on Republicans in the next Congress:

Swalwell today replied that “sometimes calling up a rookie is the only way to replace a veteran sitting at the edge of the bench who can’t even find the field.”

“And last time I checked, my six years as a prosecutor and two years as a councilman is more public service experience than Pete Stark had in 1972 when he said the incumbent had been in office too long,” he added.

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • Elwood

    Bye bye Petey bird!

    The Stark campaign, if you can call it that with no visible candidate, is shoveling sand against the tide.

  • Truthclubber

    This “attack” by McNerdy on Gill merely justifies the same kind of attack by Stark on Smellwell — complete and utter lack of experience of the kind needed to, say, vote in favor of sending troops into harm’s way to fight and die for our country.

    The idea that Smellwell’s earlier attack on Stark’s children getting Federal payments that they were fully entitled to, is now coming back to spray him in the face (like the way those poor students were pepper sprayed up in Davis) is making me ROTFLMFAO!

    Yo, (rookie) lawyer! Dat dere “law of unintended consequences” is a b***h, ain’t it?

    BTW, the Romney/Ryan lawn signs are starting to arrive, and an AWFUL lot of them are landing right next to the Smellwell signs in their lawns…! 😉

  • Truthclubber

    This cheesy “resume” attack by McNerdy is going to bit him in the @$$ — since HIS last resume entry before he was elected to Congress in 2006 was…wait for it…”unemployed wind consultant hack posing as a renewable energy entrepreneur”.

    Guess Smellwell isn’t the only one who is going to “go to jail” for breaking the “law of unintended consequences”…ha! 😉

  • moderatevoter

    I think the “experience” theme will be a tough sell for Pete Stark in this campaign. I think most now agree Pete Stark – at age 81 – has a little too much experience to be an effective Congressman. He walks with a cane, can’t navigate a flight of stairs, is confused and befuddled in public, and apparently doesn’t even recognize major employers in his district. I also understand he draw “blanks” on people in DC, members he has has served with for years, he’s often saying stuff like, “have we met” to people he’s known for years. I suppose you could describe this stuff as “experience”, but I also thing you got a guy here who has become too old to be an effective Congressman. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.
    Stark himself said the same thing back in the early 70’s when he upset longtime incumbent George Miller, an elderly Democratic member that was way, way over the hill too, so history is kind of repeating itself here. In that campaign Stark campaigned on a theme that the older generation – which incumbent George Miller represented then – had to move over for the younger generation, represented by Pete Stark, who then – as I remember it – wore long hair and campaigned in love beads.
    Yet here we are in 2012 – 40 years later – and you’ve got elderly incumbent Pete Stark – your prototypical gasbag politician – now claiming just the opposite, the younger generations should stay in their place and wait for older generation to run things into the ground, which is what Congress has been doing in the last five terms, in my book.
    Frankly, I think this experience theme will flop in the 15th district for other reasons as well. You’ve got many high tech workers in the 15th district, these high tech companies are seeking innovation all the time, they are hungry for young workers with new ideas and fresh ways of looking at things. If they hadn’t been they would all still be using main frames in Silicon Valley and we would all be buying our technology from other countries.
    I’m supporting this young prosecutor Eric Swalwell in this race because he’s the change candidate, he’s the candidate with new ideas, new ways of looking at things. We – as voters – can change Congress, we can get Congress to start adapting better to the global economy – which has been the problem in recent years, but we need members with new ideas, we don’t need aging, over-the-hill hacks like Pete Stark running the show. Time to get rid of the Pete Stark’s – the members who still are trying to run Congress with “mainframe” thinking, and get members who are open to innovation and change. Go Eric Swalwell!

  • GV Haste

    The logic of Pete’s desperate campaign mailer.

    He portrays Swalwell as a “rookie”.

    Leaving out the obvious, that the “veteran” is so out of shape and past his prime that he is unwilling to leave the bench to even play before the crowd.

    So afraid of committing more and more unforced errors that his campaign “manager” won’t even allow him on the field.

    Talk about “rookie”… it truely appears that Pete’s campaign is being run by “rookies”… he has gone from one blunder to the next, with the press documenting each one.

    The cruel truth is that if Pete had just stayed in Maryland since January 1st, he’d be doing better in the polls than he now is. His antics and gross blunders have been a Godsend to Swalwell.

    Hence, the current “Hide Pete” strategy now being employed. Everyone knows Pete, for some reason, has aged far more in the past 2 years than is normal.
    If this were a presidential election he’d be forced to release his medical records. Something is wrong with him. No one can deny that. Contrast Pete’s condition with that of Diane Feinstein, who is only a couple years younger. Like night and day.
    He won’t be leading any efforts in Washington over the next two years. Just marking time and pulling the lever on occasion.

    Other than those pathetic videos, has anyone even seen the man in public?

  • Truthclubber

    Oh, Smellwell’s got experience alright — here’s a snippet of what the Independent (a local newspaper right in Smellwell’s own backyard) had to say about the “boy” even as they were endorsing Stark Raving Pete:

    As a Dublin city councilmember, Swalwell has gained a reputation for supporting developers over residents. Even though many of his donations come developers, he says he is not influenced by campaign donations. However, his actions speak louder than his words. One example is Swalwell’s vote to conduct a study to rezone the KB Home and Charter Properties Promenade shopping center into higher density homes despite the protests from hundreds of Dublin residents. While not voting for a proposal to build housing in Doolan Canyon, Swalwell supported moving ahead with an enviornmental study.

    In our experience, we have found that Swalwell makes statements, then when questioned later regarding their truth, denies that he has made them.

  • Elwood

    It’s time for Pete to go!

    CCTimes explains it all to you, even the mouth breathers and lip readers who still support 80 year old completely senile Pete:


  • JohnW

    Re: 7

    I read that in the paper this morning. No surprise considering their previous endorsement in the primary. Their critique of Stark is obviously justified. If they just stopped there and said, “We’re for Swalwell, because he’s not Stark,” that would be one thing. But then they go on with that full-throated endorsement of Swalwell as this supposedly well qualified and moderate alternative with an impressive track record on the city council.

    Come on guys! He’s been on the council less than two years, and you’re impressed with his pragmatism in that job? He interned for Tauscher while in college? BFD! I met Eisenhower at the Boy Scout Jamboree in 1960 and am now reading the new book, “IKE’s Bluff.” Should I run for president? As for his being moderate, his positions on issues consist of some non-controversial boilerplate stuff out of the DCCC Running for Congress handbook.

    If Swalwell were running against a Democrat other than Stark — somebody with even a modest amount of accomplishment in elective office, business, the military, or a leadership job in a district attorney’s office — you would compliment him as a nice young man with a promising future but advise him to get some experience before running for Congress. You’ve done that many times with inexperienced candidates for lesser local offices.

  • Truthclubber

    Just got the latest “hit parade” from Smellwell’s campaign and noted three things:

    1) It’s so small, they had to jam graphics onto it that are almost unreadable without a microscope (so money must be REALLY tight)

    2) It’s both a booster attaboy for Smellwell (complete with goofy photo — see Paulie Lyin’s TIME cover photo as another example of “goofy”) AS WELL AS an attack on Stark for owning a house outside California (how DARE he!)

    3) The QR code (when I got it to work — the damn thing is so small it took me close to a minute to get it to focus properly) points me to a YouTube video that implores me to vote for…wait for it…a Republican opposing Stark (Luis Garcia, from back in 2010) — HA!

    One word, rookie: FAIL.

    Wait, two words: EPIC FAIL. 😉

  • Truthclubber

    @7 —

    The check they got from Tauscher must have cleared…

  • Elwood

    @ 10

    The insanity of that statement is mind-boggling.

  • Truthclubber

    Just got the latest beg for moola from Smellwell, and it started like this (translation of the BS follows same):

    Dear Truthclubber,

    In Vegas, Twenty-One is Blackjack and you walk away a winner. In this campaign, Twenty-One is how many days we have left until Election Day, and I’m betting on you. This morning fundraising reports were released and Congressman Stark’s Washington, D.C. insider friends have doubled-down on him to continue representing them and their special interests….

    Stark Raving Pete is literally wiping the floor with my behind, moola-wise, and that’s…


    After all, I’m the fair-haired boy wonder (even my name says I smell well), and I don’t want to be stuck on the Dublin City Council no more — waaaaah, waaaaaah, waaaaaah!

    Puleeeeze give me some moola so I can send out some mailers, since he is bombarding every Democrat and telling them to vote for him right after they have voted for Obama and Feinstein! How many more signs do I need to put on GOP lawns, huh?


  • Truthclubber

    Just got the latest “hit parade” from Stark Raving Pete going after Smellwell, and it is…wait for it…a D-O-O-Z-Y!

    Shows little Ehr-Wick popping out (weasel-like) of the coat pocket of some suit guy, with the caption of “In the pocket of developers…” — ha!

    Inside the flyer, it details the charges that Ehr-Wick never met a developer’s check he didn’t like (and wouldn’t cash) — and names names as well as FEC filings for the nearly $55,000 it lays out he gladly took.

    Meanwhile, the graphics are to die for — to die for, I tell ya! Shows little Ehr-Wick slowly sinking into said pocket — and completes the smackdown with this link on Stark’s site for the complete list of so-called Smellwell pocket-liners.

    I’ve already filled out my VBM ballot, but I’m hangin’ on to it to the bitter end — I don’t want the fun to stop being mailed to my house!