Eric Swalwell courts GOP voters against Pete Stark

Eric Swalwell, the insurgent Democratic challenger to Rep. Pete Stark, D-Fremont, is courting Republican votes in the final days of the campaign.

Voters have been receiving a recorded call former Republican Assemblyman Guy Houston. Here’s a transcript of the call:

There is no Republican on the ballot for Congress against Pete Stark, and I believe our best and only choice for Congress is Eric Swalwell on Nov. 6. I’ve known Eric for 12 years – he is an Alameda County prosecutor, a Dublin city councilman. Eric is a moderate and his top priority is to stabilize our economy, fight for great jobs here locally in the growing alternative energy sector, and reduce our national debt. Pete Stark has one of the worst voting attendance records in Congress. He lives in Maryland and is one of the most liberal members of Congress. Eric Swalwell will live in our community and has the energy and new ideas to work with people of any political party to solve our problems. Please vote for Eric Swalwell for Congress on Nov. 6.

This message is paid for by Swalwell for Congress, 925-924-0084.

Color me unsurprised – I’ve been saying for months that Swalwell would actively court the anybody-but-Pete-Stark vote, and the district’s GOP minority – 23.2 percent, as of early September – is a significant part of that. From a campaign standpoint, he’d be a fool not to seek those votes.

Sure, some diehard Dems might find this offensive, but if they’re completely toeing the party line, they probably weren’t voting for Swalwell anyway.

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • GV Haste

    “some diehard Dems might find this offensive, but if they’re completely toeing the party line, they probably weren’t voting for Swalwell anyway”

    You got that right. There is a “inner core of insiders” who have controlled Alameda County Democratic Party politics for decades. The same group who marched in lock-step to push Nadia Lockyer into office. The same ones who now tell us that Pete Stark “is as sharp as ever”.
    The same ones who until only a month ago refused to say anything bad about Mary Hayashi’s shoplifting conviction.
    For them, anyone who a Republican might cast a vote for isn’t pure enough for their liking.

    They don’t care that Pete Stark it playing out the last month of the campaign sitting in his home back in Maryland, having recorded just three 2-minute videos where his website says “Pete Stark Answers the Tough Questions”… most of which end up trying to explain and apologize for being such a A__Hole for the past decade or more. Really, go listen him, that is what he is doing.

    Even now, 6 days to election day, and Pete Stark is still hiding/being hidden from the voters. Even the half of the district that is new to him.
    He deserves to lose for running such a lame campaign.

  • John W

    The only breaking news here is the surfacing of Guy Houston. Did he record the message from an undisclosed location occupied by him and Richard Pombo?

    Recruiting GOP votes for Swalwell? Seriously? Are there Republicans who were thinking of voting for Stark instead?

    Of course, you would think the GOP would prefer to see Stark re-elected. Why vote for a 31-year-old newbie and give him the power of incumbency for the next election cycle?

  • Truthclubber

    I just got Stark Raving Pete’s “response” to this!

    A REALLY good hit mailer that:

    calls out the Tea Party as being behind Smellwell’s campaign (1)
    lists the amount of money he’s gotten from Republicans (2)
    repeats the charges that Smellwell is the best candidate that developer money can buy, and that his actions on the City Council “…would have been illegal in some East Bay cities…” (3)

    All surrounded by the refrain that “Smellwell is not our (Democratic) cup of tea” — Ha!

    Good one, Cornu & Co.! You go, girl!

    (1) New York Times, 9/24/12
    (2) FEC Reports, 2011-2012
    (3) East Bay Express, 10/24/12

  • RR, Senile Columnist

    Starkly probably smells bad too. It’s rumored he needs assistance to reach the lavatory.

  • Elwood

    Would anyone who believes anything published in the East Bay Express please contact me?

    I am the owner of two very busy nearby bridges which I would be willing to sell if the price is right.

  • moderate voter

    Pete Stark is a poor fit for the 15th district, he’s long been a left wing extremist, very much in the mold of a Dennis Kucinich – who actually came out and campaigned for Stark in the primary. Like former Congressman Kucinich, Pete Stark favors higher taxes, national health insurance, gutting defense spending and various other left wing schemes, Stark just isn’t ” in tune” with this district.
    Frankly I was surprised when Nancy Pelosi signed off on a plan to run Pete Stark in the 15th district, Pelosi is well aware he’s too liberal for this district. You’ve got a lot of voters with very good job in this district, people that pay a lot of taxes, and common sense tells you they would not like having a left wing bomb thrower like Pete Stark as Congressman. Stark is one of the worst tax and spend liberals ever, he supports every goofball spending program you can think of, except national defense programs.
    In fact, national defense related spending – like the work going on at Larwence Livermore and Sandia Lab – employ thousands of workers in the 15th district, so Pelosi’s decision to back Stark here just makes no sense. You put a politician with a 40 year history of scheming to cut defense spending in this district? It’s a real head scratcher.
    I myself have no problem with Eric Swalwell courting Republicans and independents. As a moderate Democrat I like some of the ideas I hear out the Republican party, and I also like some of the ideas I hear from independent voters too. No political party has the corner on good ideas, you’ve got to keep an open mind these days when it comes to ideas, we need to try new things if we are to overcome this economic crises. Stark – as I think many know, hasn’t had a new idea in 30 years, he’s a left wing partisan robot, so I think Eric Swalwell is the right candidate for the 15th district.

  • Truthclubber

    Eric Smellwell = Tea Party.

  • Elwood

    @ 7

    Do you have any possible basis for that claim or, as usual, did you just pull it out of your ***?

  • Truthclubber

    @8 —

    It has no less veracity (or source) than your claim that you are “the owner of two very busy nearby bridges”.

  • Elwood

    @ 9

    Satire is lost on the tiny-brained folk.