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Ellen Corbett introduces ‘Made in California’ bill

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 at 11:45 am in California State Senate, Ellen Corbett.

If California manufacturers have it, they ought to flaunt it, says State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett.

Corbett, D-San Leandro, introduced a bill Monday to create a “Made in California” program so manufacturers can capitalize on Golden State’s global reputation, hopefully serving as an aid in marketing. SB 12 would put this new program under the purview of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, which would ensure that only goods actually made here can use the label.

“I am committed to helping our economy grow and doing everything I can to generate jobs in California,” Corbett said in a news release. “This program is a smart way to boost business for California companies and inform consumers about which products come from our state.”

Corbett said the idea is similar to the “California Grown” program highlighting agricultural products produced here; the year after California Grown was launched a decade ago, sales of the state’s agricultural products increased by 7 percent.

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