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Nudists to descend upon SF City Hall again

By Josh Richman
Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 3:43 pm in San Francisco politics.

Nudists say they’ll descend upon San Francisco City Hall again Tuesday for the Board of Supervisors’ 2013 inaugural meeting.

Naturally, they stand ready to disrobe should Supervisor Scott Wiener – who authored the public nudity ordinance they so vociferously and visually protested last year – be elected president of the board at the noon meeting. And whether or not Wiener gets the gavel, they’re planning to be out on City Hall’s steps – or if it rains, at the Center for Sex and Culture on Mission Street – right after the meeting.

Later Tuesday, they’ll convene at the center for the release of their eBook – “Free Your Body, Free Your Mind!” – with proceeds to pay for nudist legal defense and direct action. The book contains more than 200 color photographs, they say, as well as essays and first-person accounts of “body freedom” and public nudity.

The ordinance that supervisors approved in November won’t take effect until Feb. 1, leaving time for the opponents to have their day in court. That day is coming next Thursday, Jan. 17, with a hearing at which U.S. District Judge Edward Chen will consider whether to grant the nudists an injunction against the new law.

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  • Elwood

    “The book contains more than 200 color photographs, they say”

    Help me, Jeebus!

  • John W

    Are those photos in hi-def?

    Hard to say which is harder to view — the photos in that book or the now underway slaughter of the Irish by the Tide in tonight’s BCS championship game.