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Beyonce, the Illuminati and a wingnut super PAC

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 at 7:56 am in Uncategorized.

This is a missive from William Fawell, founder of the Elect A New Congress super PAC; I can’t tell if it’s intentionally absurd in order to get attention, but if so, it worked.

Elect A New Congress, super pac for all Americans, claimed vindication for its boycott of the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, after numerous news services showed Beyonce flashing the pyramid triangular auspice of the all seeing eye of the Illuminati.

“It was too big of an event for Jay-Z, his impressionable wife and whoever they’re [sic] friends are to pass up,” explained Wm W. Fawell, author and founder of Elect A New Congress. “Sycophants are trying to pass this off as Beyonce giving the sign of her husband’s promotion company, ‘Roc A Fella’ records. But you’ve got to be awfully thick between the ears to miss the allusion to ‘Rockefeller,’ scion long affiliated with the Illuminati and their New World Order.”

“I’m left wondering how hard they have to hit people over the head with their anti-America theology that celebrates a godless centralized government and economy entrenched in a tyrannical state before people start getting the message,” pointed Fawell.

“We received a lot of support for our stance, but we also took a lot of abuse for the boycott, primarily from Al Sharpton’s column at MSNBC,” Fawell explained. “But even then, Sharpton’s people had to create an issue we never put forth in order to manufacture a non-truth so they could launch their unwarranted attack upon us.”

“Personally, I find this typical of any programming from NBC/Disney, which doesn’t report news, but habitually creates propaganda for the United States federal government, this Administration, and their adherents,” Fawell indicted.

“I find it un-American, diametrically opposed to Liberty, and an insult to all God fearing people everywhere. There is certainly no place for this anywhere in America, much less at one of the premier sporting events in the world,” commented Fawell. “I think this will force us to prevail upon the NFL to never repeat this mistake again.”

Serfs Up America!

The Illuminati, egads! Beyonce, shilling (as she shimmies) NOT for all the single ladies, but for being crazy in love with a godless centralized government and tyrannical state? Say it ain’t so!

I know, I know: consider the source – a guy who calls the financial bailout of 2008-09 “a financial coup d’eta” [sic] and treason that placed us in “a very real type of slavery.” Mr. Fawell is no stranger to hyperbole, clearly. But… dude. The Illuminati?

So, I Google it, and lo and behold, other folks have been all over this even before the Super Bowl halftime show brought this menace into our living rooms. And it’s on the Internet SO IT MUST BE TRUE!!!

Here’s the truth: Whacked-out conspiracy theories aside, Beyonce’s performance got about 104 million viewers, the second-largest audience ever for a Super Bowl halftime show. Good luck convincing the NFL it was “a mistake,” Mr. Fawell.

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