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Californians might weigh in on Citizens United

By Josh Richman
Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 3:47 pm in Assembly, Bob Wieckowski, campaign finance.

An East Bay Assemblyman wants Californians to vote on whether the state’s congressional delegation should push for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow new limits on political contributions and spending.

Bob WieckowskiAB 644 by Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, calls for a November 2014 ballot measure in which voters could instruct members of Congress to work toward an amendment reversing the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling. Wieckowski last year authored a successful resolution expressing the Legislature’s support for such an amendment.

“Now it’s time to let all Californians have their voices heard,” he said in a news release Thursday. “This is an issue people feel passionately about because they know the campaign finance system is skewed against the interests of the working poor and middle class.”

Common Cause, a nonprofit group that advocates for open, honest and accountable government, is sponsoring the bill.

“Giving every Californian a chance to declare that money isn’t free speech is exactly the sort of high-profile step that is required if we are serious about reversing the Supreme Court,” said Derek Cressman, director of Common Cause’s campaign to reverse Citizens United. “Voter instruction measures such as this have spurred previous constitutional amendments.”

CREDO, a progressive mobile phone company with more than three million activist members nationwide including more than 500,000 members in California, supports the bill as well.

“California would be the biggest state yet to throw its support behind a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United,” said CREDO political director Becky Bond. “Corporate money in politics is literally destroying our democracy and CREDO will help organize millions of Californians help us take back our elections.”

Similar grassroots ballot measures were approved in November by voters in Montana and Colorado, as well as in San Francisco and Richmond. Los Angeles last month approved a voter instruction measure that will appear on the city’s May 2013 ballot.

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  • RR senile columnist

    Doesn’t this ding-dong have enough to do with state and local issues to occupy his energies? On the other hand, it’s less harmful than encouraging the next Solyndra. As for CREDoo, does anybody know of a good conservative mobile phone co.? How about a Blue Dog Dem. provider? We should have a choice.

  • Fred Mangels

    What a dummy the guy is, but no surprise there.

  • Harriette Jensen

    I’m usually not for constitutional amendments because I think that there are easier ways of handling problems, but with a radically conservative majority on the Supreme Court I doubt that we’ll get a reversal soon, so I support this idea.

  • Dorlinda Chong

    The Citizens United ruling was folly, since it is well known that the whole ‘corporations are people’ conceit was a mistake inserted into the court records by a clerk, rather than an actual pronouncement of the court. The fact that the justices would build such a ruinous decision on such a fallacy is insulting to the court, our history, and our democracy. Like the bumper sticker says: ‘I’ll believe Corporations are people when Texas hangs one.’ As for ‘money is speech,’ the last time I looked it was ‘one citizen, one vote,’ not ‘whoever yells loudest wins.’ The sooner we can repeal this travesty of so-called jurisprudence, the better for the country. I salute your efforts to overturn this abominable decision, and I will vote to repeal it if given the chance.
    PS: your form says ‘mail’ not ‘e-mail.’ As the USPS is still in operation, there is still a difference.

  • RR senile columnist

    Dear Cheech and Chong, I thinking you’re legal knowledge and sh– is awesome. It would’ve be really cool if brainy dudes like you all was on the court deciding sh–. Yours truly, a teen pal of the senile

  • Bbox231

    Always revealing to see which side of a debate grasps for the ad hominum first. I have not been a fan of Bobby W but just the near unanimous knee jerk commentary devoid of any useful thought in the thread above leads me to conclude he is on the right track on this issue.

  • RR senile columnist

    Hey Beatbox, it’s ad hominem.

  • bbox231

    In a jury proceeding, we’ll be sure to call you as an expert witness RR. Thanks for the correction!