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Attorney: Nadia Lockyer out of rehab & doing well

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 3:45 pm in Bill Lockyer.

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer has finished six months of inpatient rehabilitation for methamphetamine addiction and is “doing just fine,” her criminal defense attorney said Tuesday afternoon.

Lockyer, 41, the estranged wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, had a pre-trial hearing scheduled Tuesday morning in Orange County Superior Court, but the prosecutor was tied up with another case and so Lockyer’s was put over until next Thursday, March 14, according to attorney Allan Stokke.

Police last Aug. 28 went to the home where Lockyer and her 9-year-old son, Diego, were staying after a caller tipped them that she might have drugs there, prosecutors said in September. Officers found a tube of aluminum foil with a burned end, and when they met Lockyer later that day she showed signs of being under the influence of drugs.

She was arrested and charged with felony methamphetamine possession and three misdemeanors: being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and child abuse and endangerment.

Lockyer went into National Therapeutic Services’ residential drug-treatment program in Newport Beach on Aug. 31; the program lasts 180 days, and so she finished recently.

Stokke said the judge is happy with Lockyer’s progress and “we’re going to decide what to do next week when we get together again.”

Lockyer early last year had claimed Stephen Chikhani attacked her Feb. 3 in a Newark hotel room, but the state Justice Department investigated and eventually declined to charge him with any crime. As details emerged about Lockyer’s lengthy affair with Chikhani and their drug use, she resigned her supervisorial seat last April.

Bill Lockyer, 71, had filed for divorce in July, citing “irreconcilable differences” and seeking joint physical and legal custody of their son. After Nadia Lockyer ‘s August arrest, a judge ruled she could see their son but only under her estranged husband’s supervision. The boy is living with his father in Hayward.

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  • RR Senile Columnist

    “they tried to make me go to rehab/ I say No, no,no! Nadia, learn from Amy’s mistake.

  • JohnW

    Hope her rehab sticks. I wouldn’t wish drug addiction or alcoholism on anybody. Have to respect those who hit bottom, get help and manage to get their lives back.