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Speier calls for bipartisan probe of IRS scandal

By Josh Richman
Thursday, May 16th, 2013 at 1:08 pm in Jackie Speier, Obama presidency, U.S. House.

Rep. Jackie Speier may be the first Bay Area House member to speak out for digging deeper into the IRS scandal that has dogged the White House for the past week.

Jackie SpeierSpeier, D-San Mateo, issued a statement today saying she agrees with President Obama that the IRS’ targeting of conservative organizations for special scrutiny of requests for tax-exempt status was “inexcusable,” with a level of wrong-doing that’s “particularly disturbing.”

The acting IRS commissioner’s resignation was “necessary, but insufficient,” she said. “It is clear that officials at many levels of the IRS were aware of these activities, and they must be held fully accountable.”

She wants to see all of the Treasury Department inspector general’s recommendations implemented immediately, but she also wants a bipartisan, independent commission “to examine what went wrong, who was involved, and why it was allowed to continue for so long.”

“That commission should also examine the dramatic increase in the number of organizations applying for tax exempt status as social welfare organizations following the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and whether additional clarifications are needed on the use of tax exempt status by organizations engaging in political activities,” Speier said. “It is completely appropriate to examine whether organizations claiming exemption as exclusively social welfare “charitable” and “educational” are actually charitable and educational.”

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  • RR senile columnist

    I agree with Jackie S. May I put forth as chief of the inquiry El
    Señor Torquemada, a gentleman above partisanship.

  • JohnW

    @1 RR Senile Columnist,

    Please stop using references I am too uneducated to understand and have to look up to get your point. It gives me a headache!

  • Elwood

    Torquemada is one of my heros!

  • For Liberty

    Questionable testimony. See the links below: