Money matchup: Mary Hayashi vs. Bob Wieckowski

One of the more interesting tidbits I’ve run across today, the deadline for California candidates to file their semi-annual campaign finance reports, is in the East Bay’s 10th State Senate District.

Mary HayashiWith incumbent Ellen Corbett term-limited out at the end of next year, former Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi – convicted in January 2012 of shoplifting, and defeated in her November 2012 bid for an Alameda County supervisor’s seat – plans to run against Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont.

Hayashi raised only $5,900 in the first half of this year – $3,200 from the Sycuan Band Of The Kumeyaay Nation, $2,500 from the Independent Insurance Political Action Committee, and $200 from Sempra Energy – while spending about $25,000, leaving her with about $732,000 cash on hand as of June 30.

Wieckowski raised much more – almost $135,000 – and spent almost $72,000, but finished with a lot less cash on hand: about $76,000 as of June 30, with almost $11,000 in outstanding debts.

Sure, it’s early, and Wieckowski as an incumbent probably can raise more money faster as people start tuning in to this race. But that’s a biiiiiig pot of money Hayashi is sitting on, and it’ll be interesting to see how effectively she can use it to rehabilitate her public image and build a serious campaign.

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • Interesting that Bob Wieckowski’s fundraising remains lackluster … much like someone — cough-cough-Ellen-Corbett-cough-cough — he oddly endorsed for a vanity run for Congress.

  • RR senile columnist

    Both are losers: one steals from retailers, the other from taxpayers.

  • JohnW

    Her campaign slogan could be: At least I’m not Anthony Weiner.

  • GV Haste

    Wait a minute

    “With incumbent Ellen Corbett term-limited out at the end of next year, former Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi –
    – plans to run against Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont.”

    Did I miss something? I’ve seen no announcement of this intent.
    I’ve seen no statement or article prior to this even suggesting that Mary was going to run.

    Please refresh my memory. Perhaps there was something in the Daily Review or Argus that I missed.

    Then again we see

    Are we to assume that makes it official?
    Perhaps she is still accessing her chances in light of Weiner, Spitzer, and Mark Sanford.

    Mary still has a problem. She NEVER admitted she intended to do anything wrong. She hasn’t even gone as far as Weiner in admitting she intended to do anything.

    January 9, 2012 “The simple fact is I unintentionally walked out of a store with items I had not paid for”

    She never altered or changed that statement and several others of a similar nature.
    Kept saying it was all a “absentminded error”

    If she intends to run in 2014, she would have done much better by coming completely clean, admitting she need help, and then go in for the usual counseling etc.

    Getting the lingering questions about that issue off the table early. Even at that, 2014 is too soon for a return with a promotion to a higher office.
    Quite different than Spitzer and Sanford.
    More like Weiner.

  • Josh Richman

    @4, re: Hayashi’s intent, she certainly has been laying low. But as noted in your comment last November, I’ve reported that a Democratic operative who knows Hayashi said she’s steadfast in her pursuit of this seat; given that she has raised and spent at least some money this year, I see no reason to assume that has changed.

  • Elwood

    Well, one thing you can say for Hayashi, she’s definitely got a pair.

    And I don’t mean mammaries.

  • Publius

    It’s quite possible that Hayashi could ‘steal’ this seat from the incumbent.

  • GV Haste

    As distasteful as the prospect of Mary Hayashi running is, on the other hand you have the record of Bob Wieckowski to defend.

    Example. In a misguided effort of sheer pandering to various ethnic communities, Bod Wiekowski has authored and is in the process of trying to pass AB 1401.

    You may never have heard of AB 1401. It is “a first” in the entire nation kind of bill.

    Imagine you are a woman, who in a domestic dispute with your husband, defending yourself, were charged with spousal abuse. A not uncommon charge.

    So you go to court and are tried by a panel of jurors.
    Under Wiekowski’s bill, it would be possible for that jury to consist of 12 men, each of whom had only been in the USA for 60 days, none of whom was a citizen, nor on track to become a citizen.
    Say, three 60 year old men from Yemen, three 65 year old men from Afghanistan, three 70 year old men from Iraq, and three 75 year old men from Iran.
    All 12 of the men having spent the preceding 99.8% of their life in their home countries.

    The would legally be entitled to serve in judgement on this woman, deciding if she or her husband were in the right during a domestic dispute in the house.
    Bringing their entire 60 to 75 years of living in their home nations with them.
    Now, only in the USA culture for 75 days or less. Passing judgement on that woman vs her husband.

    Obviously that is a extreme case, but AB 1401, Wiekowski’s bill, would allow such a jury to be legal.

    No need to have citizenship (which is required in every other state in the nation).
    No need to have been in the USA for even as long as 90 days.
    No need to understand any of the cultural norms of the USA particularly regarding domestic equality between men an women in our culture.
    NO indeed. Anyone can serve on a Wiekowski jury.

    As long as you were admitted to the USA, and intend to stay, you are now in the jury pool regardless of citizenship, regardless of time in the country.

    You can’t be excluded even if you still ascribe to the norms of the home nation you’ve lived in for 69.9 of the past 70 years.

    Wiekowski’s bill has no exclusions. You only need be capable of following the proceedings in English.

    The purpose of his bill… to show his solidarity with the groups he is trying to pander to.
    Next time you are in court, you can be tried by a jury of the world instead of your fellow citizens.

    Again, a FIRST in the entire nation. No other state has such a law. No other legislator ever thought to write a law with no exclusions such as some time criteria to be in the nation so as to understand our cultural and legal norms.
    Such as the rights of women in domestic matters. Such as freedom of religion from being part of our laws.
    And on and on.

    Now, to be fair, Hayashi might sign up to support the same bill, but that only makes both of them idiots.
    Everyone pandering to show how “diverse” they can be, even to the point of passing absurd, poorly written laws.

    (Oh yes, our current state senator Corbett, looking for a congressional seat in 2014, voted yes in a committee hearing to pass AB 1401.)

    Welcome to the new world where anyone can be on the jury that puts you in jail. Even if they aren’t one of your fellow citizens. California, leading the way I suppose. With the advent of electronic translation devices, I suppose even speaking English will soon not be a requirement. Perhaps not even residency.
    We can draft tourists to serve on juries.

    Bring the popcorn and your iPhone to the future legal circus.
    This is your brain, this is your brain on Crackowski.

  • Elwood

    Is it OK to hope they both lose?

  • Alcoahead

    Hayashi for State Senate ’14: “Other politicians may rob you blind, but I only steal from the private sector!”

  • Alcoahead

    I found Hayashi’s official State Senate ’14 campaign photo!


    As they say on those obnoxious Livermore Casino TV ads at the end…”Winner!”

  • GV Haste

    Mary does have one major problem.

    In both June and November of 2014, she will still be on her 3 years of court ordered probation.

    Attempting to get a promotion while still on probation for theft.
    How do you explain that to the voters?
    Its one thing to retain a job, but to ask to be hired for a substantial promotion while on probation for crimes committed while you held your previous job

  • JohnW

    Well, Eric Swalwell had a bike ride with constituents. Maybe Mary could lead her followers on a shopping trip. She could show them some trade secrets on how to make your consumer dollars go further.

  • Rick K.

    Hayashi and Wieckowski are both bad, bad candidates who are undeserving of being lawmakers. Neither belongs in the state senate. Wieckowski is a puppet of the public employee unions. He was the author of that bill a couple of years ago that made it more cumbersome for municipal governments to declare bankruptcy. He is in favor of lavish, unsustainable pensions for public employees. Shuffle these two fools aside while there’s still time to find better candidates. Next!

  • sambolina

    Okay, now let’s think about this. Mary Hayashi. Former California state legislator in the state Assembly – a stint that can only be characterized as dismal, incompetent and embarrassing. A convicted thief — but it is actually much worse. She offered a truly stupid iie about the incident, was arrested, was charged, made up a pathetic story about a mythical brain tumor (you know, the tumor made me do it defense), and then relied on the judicial connections of her now ethically compromised husband to keep her butt out of the clink!

    Hmmm, just the sort of legislator we need in Sacramento to represent the best interests of the people. Now, remember, the body that we so sadly refer to as our California State Legislature, with frightenly few exceptions, is made up of idiots with their own intellectual and ethical shortcomings.

    Remember, these goofballs welcomed Ms. Hayashi back into their fold following her little mishap with the law, so it’s not like her renewed presence among them would actually add to the repugnant odor in the chambers.

    But isn’t it time to clean up this mess that we so trustingly call our State Legislature? Do we – you – REALLY want another one of these screw ups representing the people’s interests? I sure as hell don’t. It’s past time to clean house, not add another trash heap to the pile.

  • Elwood

    That sums it up pretty well.

    A blind man can see that the CA leg. is a cesspool.

  • JohnW

    She offers something we all would like to see in our elected officials — someone with real convictions!

  • Ms. Blackwell

    Mary has the legislative experience and it is evident through her State Assembly legislative scorecards, passage of bills to laws, and community involvement.

  • Marga

    Let’s be honest here. Mary is really able to deliver for her contributors. You pay her, she’ll get you the bill you want.

    Trouble is that voters are not contributors.

    Neither, btw, are school districts. When my husband, a trustee at our local school board, approached Mary asking her for help with school funding, her response was to hire a lobbyist to meet with her about this. Can you see how ridiculous this is? That a school district would have to spend its very limited funds to hire a lobbyist to wine and dine a legislator in order to get the money it needs for our kids? How twisted can you get? Is anyone surprised that Mary was one of the legislators for whom Kevin Sloat threw a fundraiser at his house?

    We need to clean up corruption in Sacramento and stop this “pay to play” politics. And that means stopping Mary from getting elected.