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Good news and bad news on commenting

By Josh Richman
Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 2:08 pm in Uncategorized.

Good news: We’ve upgraded to a new commenting system called Disqus, which I think will be a vast improvement. You’ll find it easier to leave comments, vote other people’s comments’ up or down, and interface either with your own login or via an existing social media account.

Bad news: My tech people tell me that implementing the new system essentially has rendered all previous comments invisible; although I can still see them in our “heritage” commenting system, they’ll not appear on the public’s view of the blog. So, go ahead and start making your own “new history,” but be warned – Disqus will also make it easier for me to administrate the comments and control bad behavior.

Carry on!

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  • Elwood

    Oh shoot! Bad behavior is the funnest part!

  • Bruce

    An old dog is forced to learn new tricks. Hopefully all the interesting stuff does not go POOF! Hopefully Josh is not a control freak, like John D. Oconner of Moraga was with the Lamorinda Patch. John D. got a Democrat ticked off, for his last straw. I was long gone by then.

  • JohnW

    The fact that all previous comments have been rendered invisible may be one of the virtues of this change.

  • Willis James

    Now I can start a new life.

    Its like I’ve just entered the Federal Witness Protection Program.