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Two rather unusual political campaign ads

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 at 1:51 pm in Uncategorized.

Sometimes a campaign ad is just so out of the ordinary that it bears repeating far beyond the candidate’s would-be constituency.

These might not be of “demon sheep” or even Mike Gravel magnitude, but they’re making some waves in the social media seas – and many political operatives would contend that any ad that people talk about is a good ad.

This one is for Carl Sciortino, a Massachusetts state representative who’s running for Congress:

(Yes, the younger Sciortino is gay.)

And this one is for Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jeff Wagner:

Do you have a favorite quirky political ad from a current campaign? Drop a link in the comments and perhaps I’ll bump it up into an update.

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  • JohnW

    The Sciortino ad is really clever, and substantive about his positions. The Wagner ad, not so much.