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Rob Schneider goes GOP, endorses Tim Donnelly

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 10:46 am in 2014 primary, Republican Party.

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider announced yesterday that he’s switching from being a lifelong Democrat to being a Republican, and endorsing conservative Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for governor.

“The last time I made a movie in California was seven years ago, and that’s because we’re not being competitive,” said Schneider, 49, of Pacifica.

Oh, Rob. Robbie. Robmeister. The Robster. Rob-o-rama. Robman. Robatollah. Baron von Robthoven.

Yes, the California Film Commission reports that despite some positive effects from a tax-credit program for television and film production, “California continues to experience a pronounced erosion of this signature industry.” But could there be another reason that Rob Schneider hasn’t made a movie in California in seven years?

Let’s see what he has been doing for the past seven years. That takes us back to 2006 and – aha! – “The Benchwarmers.” Can’t believe that didn’t bring the big-ticket scripts pouring in. Then, who could forget those eight episodes of “¡Rob!” early last year? And, what was the difference between “Grown Ups” (2010) and “Grown Ups 2” (2013)? Looks like the latter suffered from a distinct lack of Rob.

Yep, must be the taxes and whatnot.

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  • Jim Reilley

    Rob must be a gun nut = the only reason anyone would support Donnelly.

  • Elwood

    So has he made lots of movies elsewhere in the last seven years?

  • Bruce

    This is the first I’ve heard of Tim Donnelly, or Rob Schneider. Name recognition is the number one requirement for getting elected to anything. Does anyone notice the huge sings littering the landscape, before every election? I just took some old election signs out of my barn. Everything but the candidates name, is to small to read, from a passing vehicle, on most of them. The bigger the sign, the better chance lying weasels have of being elected.

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