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Gun policy debate lines politicians’ pockets

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 10:24 am in gun control.

If ever you doubted that California is the nation’s foremost battleground on gun-control issues, just follow the money.

Gun-control and gun-rights groups contributed more to state and federal candidates, political parties and PACs in the Golden State than in any other from 1989 through 2012, according to a new Sunlight Foundation analysis.

Specifically, gun-control groups contributed $208,344 in California during that time, while gun-rights groups spent $2,645,010 – more than 12 times as much.

Broken down, gun-rights groups gave $1,309,597 to state candidates and $1,335,413 to federal candidates in California, while gun-control groups gave $16,400 to state candidates and $191,944 to federal candidates.

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