President Obama returns to Bay Area on July 23

But… we’ve barely even had time to miss him! {sarcasm}

President Barack Obama will return to Silicon Valley for a July 23 fundraiser to benefit the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Tickets for the luncheon at the Los Altos Hills home of real estate developer and Democratic benefactor George Marcus start at $10,000 per person (including a photo opportunity and lunch) or $32,400 per couple (including a VIP photo opportunity and lunch).

Also scheduled to attend are House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco; DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, D-N.Y.; and Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto.

Obama headlined two Democratic National Committee fundraisers May 8 in Los Altos and San Jose. Earlier, he was in the Bay Area for Democratic fundraisers in November 2013, June 2013, and April 2013.

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • Elwood

    Good Lord, hasn’t he mined out that vein of brain dead dimmiecrats with more money than sense yet?

    You’d think they might catch on when they see him shoveling their money into Air Force One.

    Oh, look, it’s President Dumbass! Quick, give him all your money and then wave bye bye to him and your money until the next fly in fundraiser.

  • Elwood
  • Elwood

    Obama now more unpopular than ever!

    He’s going down, down, down!


  • JohnW

    Don’t get too excited Elwood. Check out the link for historical average approval ratings (Gallup) for presidents in their second term. Or each president’s lowest approval number during their term of office. Obama’s 47% approval isn’t exactly a meltdown:

    Average second term approval:

    Truman 36.5
    IKE 60.5
    LBJ 50.3
    Nixon 34.4
    Reagan 55.3
    Clinton 60.6
    Bush (W) 36.5

    Lowest approval numbers for each president:

    Truman 22
    IKE 48
    JFK 56
    LBJ 35
    Nixon 24
    Ford 37
    Carter 28
    Reagan 35
    Bush (GHW) 29
    Clinton 37
    Bush (W) 25


  • Elwood

    If Obama had been CinC during WWII our fleet would have been at the bottom of the ocean, Germany and Japan would have divided the country at the Mississippi, and Obama would be at an undisclosed location penning and phoning apologies to the Germans and the Japanese.

  • Elwood

    Oh, by the way, the poor US taxpayer is paying for Air Force One to fly him here and back and all the security which accompanies POTUS.

  • JohnW

    The word of the day: hyperbolical.

  • JohnW

    Perhaps we could move the White House and Congress to LA or San Francisco. Then, presidents wouldn’t have to travel so much to raise funds. This has been going on since presidents started doing whistle-stop campaigning. The numbers just keep getting huge and more huge, aided and abetted by the wise men at the Supreme Court.

  • Elwood

    Obama Administration: A cross between Keystone Cops and Comedy Hour


  • JohnW

    I love the comments attributed to anonymous former Bush officials. They are right about one thing when they say this is what we predicted would happen. Indeed, this is exactly what many people said would happen BEFORE we decided to start the war in Iraq. Colin Powell reminded Bush of the Pottery Barn rule.

    4500 U.S. military KIA and twice that many with life changing injuries. More than 100,000 Iraqis killed, and a million displaced. A trillion dollars of China-financed debt. For what?

    When Bush ran for re-election in 2004, his team accused Kerry of wanting to “cut and run.” Well, after we spent $25 billion arming a training Iraqi military, they are the ones cutting and running, wearing civilian clothes under their uniforms so that they can make a quick change.

    The whole Middle East is going to explode, and all we can do is watch.

  • Elwood

    George W. Bush is an old man who lives on a ranch in Texas and paints bad paintings.

    The Kenyan has been our leader for 5 1/2 years.

    Please list his foreign policy accomplishments here:

  • JohnW

    Except for the creepy shower self-portrait, I rather like Bush’s paintings.

    Break-through foreign policy accomplishments are not easy to come by, and some presidents have more opportunities than others. That said, I would say his accomplishments are extracting us from two costly and counter-productive wars and endless “war footing” and strengthening our ties to Asian nations as a counter-balance to China’s aspirations in the Pacific. Also, Netanyahu, no big Obama fan, says Obama “got it right” in Syria. He calls the chemical weapons deal “the one ray of light in a very dark region.”

  • Elwood

    “extracting us from two costly and counter-productive wars”

    That’s working out really well.

    “strengthening our ties to Asian nations as a counter-balance to China’s aspirations in the Pacific”

    It’s much to early to see what the result of this attempt will be, if any.

    “Obama “got it right” in Syria”

    Last I heard, Assad was still in possession of most of the chemical weapons.

    Nice try though, John.

  • Elwood

    The dog ate my homework (and Lois Lerner’s emails).

    The Obama administration is enough to gag a maggot.

    They lie about everything.


  • JohnW

    The comment about Syria came from Netanyahu, not me. But next time I see him, I’ll let him know that you disagree.

  • Elwood
  • Elwood

    Stick a fork in it. Obama’s Presidency is over.


  • JohnW

    Thank goodness the approval ratings for the other two branches of government and the two political parties are tracking in such a positive direction to offset the malaise in Obama’s approval ratings.

  • Elwood

    Yes, but those are groups who can share the blame, not the one and only chosen one, the messiah of hope and change.

  • JohnW

    Well, I’m sure Rand, or Ted, or Chris, or one of the Ricks, or Jeb, or even Mitt will make it all better.

  • Elwood

    You may very well get a chance to find out.

    I hear Hillary Billary’s book isn’t selling so well.

    Eskimos are already using the remainders to start fires.

  • JohnW

    I don’t think her book sales are any indication of her prospects, one way or the other. But, for the record, let’s compare Hillary’s first week 100,000 #1 on NYT nonfiction list with books published by some of the GOP prospects:

    These are the TOTAL hardcover sales for the books published by them. SOURCE: Neilsen Bookscan as reported in Buzz Feed Politics 3/20/14:

    Scott Walker 16,156
    Rand Paul 10,261
    Rick Perry 27,260
    Marco Rubio 35,906
    Bobby Jindahl 19,940
    Jeb Bush 4,599

    Mitt Romney made the best seller list his first week for his “No Apology” book before the 2012 campaign — thanks to bulk orders footnoted on the NYT list. Fell to 4th in the second week and slipped after that.