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CA15: More time for a recount… if Corbett asks

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 3:47 pm in 2014 primary, Ellen Corbett, Eric Swalwell, U.S. House.

Contrary to what was reported here last week, state Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett has not yet run out of time to request a recount of her apparent defeat in this month’s primary election for the 15th Congressional District.

After Contra Costa County’s results update on Tuesday afternoon, Corbett, D-Hayward, trails Republican candidate Hugh Bussell of Livermore by 430 votes in their battle to finish second after Rep. Eric Swalwell. The second-place finisher, of course, will go on to face Swalwell, D-Dublin, in November’s general election.

A spokesman for Alameda County Registrar Tim Dupuis had said Friday that candidates have five calendar days after the election results are certified – which Dupuis did Friday – in which to request a recount. But Dupuis said Wednesday that because this district spans two counties, candidates actually have five days starting on the 29th day following the election; the 29th day will be July 2, so a recount can be requested up until July 7.

Dupuis said Corbett has not yet requested a recount. Corbett hasn’t returned several calls over the past two weeks seeking comment on her intentions.

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  • RRSenileColumnist

    Go for the recount, Comrade Ellen! This will ensure your continued popularity with the rank and file of your party.

  • Willis James

    I can’t believe there is a single person who wants a recount.
    Corbett’s cell phone is in for repairs and scheduled to be returned to her on July 8th. Meanwhile she is busy doing “the people’s work”.

  • JohnW

    If it were Eric Swalwell who came in third by that few votes, people would be demanding a recount; I among them. I’m not fan of Corbett and can’t envision that a recount will accomplish anything for her. But if she wants a recount, let her have it. My guess is she won’t.

  • Elwood

    Doesn’t the candidate requesting the recount have to pay for it?

    Maybe she had a moment of clarity and decided it wasn’t worth it.

  • JohnW

    I believe you are definitely right about the first point and probably right about the second.