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Perez might seek recount in controller’s race

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 at 2:04 pm in 2014 primary, John Perez.

This just in from Assembly Speaker Emeritus John Perez, who election returns show fell 481 votes short of fellow Democrat Board of Equalization member Betty Yee in their race to finish second in the primary election for state controller:

John Perez“After nearly a month of counting votes and a vote margin of just 1/100th of one percent, out of more than 4 million votes cast, nobody would like to the see this process completed more than we would. Since this is one of closest statewide elections in the history of California, we have an obligation to review and ensure that every vote cast is accurately counted. During our review, we will also determine whether a recount is warranted.”

If these results remain unchanged, Yee will face off against first-place primary finisher Ashley Swearengin, Fresno’s Republican mayor, in November’s general election. The 481 votes by which Yee leads Perez represents 0.012 percent of the 4,039,375 total votes cast in the primary election for controller.

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  • Willis James

    Goodness I feel so bad about Speaker Perez’s narrow defeat.

    I wonder how he lost those 481 votes..(or a switch of 242 voters to Yee)

    Lets see, could it have been his statement about Mary Hayashi’s conviction on the very day of her sentencing?

    From the LA Times—

    “Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez issued a statement supporting Hayashi. “She has owned up to her actions and taken responsibility for them,” he said. “I am confident that with the close of these proceedings, she will continue to ably serve her constituents with the same talent and passion she has displayed throughout her time in office.”

    Oh, I don’t think that would have made any residents in Alameda County and elsewhere mad. After all, that same day she told the world she had a brain tumor, which caused the crime.

    Then there is the annual fat-cat corporate “Speakers Cup” golf tournament at Pebble Beach put on by Perez where fees/bribes to play golf went for $65,000 each.
    (check out the grand Speaker in his golf cart with a sign to let everyone know he’s “The Speaker”)×600

    No, I can’t understand how Speaker Perez could have come up 481 votes short. Everyone loved the guy and thought he was purely out for the people’s best interests.

  • JohnW

    No qualifications for the job.

  • Guest

    I would ask for a recount if I was Perez, this is an unbelievably close election. I voted for Yee, but as voter I want the person with the most votes to win, or in this case finish in top two. Perez might have won this thing, so if he asks for a recount it’s would ‘t be a case of sour grapes at all.