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Ron Nehring on ‘solidarity mission’ to Israel

By Josh Richman
Friday, July 25th, 2014 at 9:16 am in Lt. Governor.

Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Ron Nehring left on a four-day “solidarity mission” to Israel on Friday morning.

“Californians are watching with great concern the challenges Israel faces to its very existence,” Nehring, a former state GOP chairman from San Diego, said in a news release. “As Israelis continue to endure daily rocket fire from Hamas terrorists, now is the time for leaders in the United States to demonstrate that we stand with Israel, we stand against terror, and we support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Nehring is joining trip organized by the Jewish National Fund. The mission will include meetings with Israeli government officials, visits with Israeli citizens in towns next to the Gaza Strip, and briefings on current conditions.

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  • Willis James

    “solidarity mission”… Then he will return and tell us what is really happening in the conflict, having gotten all the facts. Four days sounds like enough to access the situation.

    About the same amount of time Nancy Pelosi and her congressional crew spent going from El Salvador to Honduras to Guatemala. (though they indicated they didn’t stray far from their luxury hotels due to fear of violence.)

    Still, all these politicians will return, talking like “experts” on the subject, ready to pass legislation amounting to billions.