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Caption contest: Swalwell trips the VR fantastic

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 10:32 am in Eric Swalwell, U.S. House.

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Swalwell at Facebook

The real story: Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Dublin, was among House Homeland Security Committee members who visited Facebook’s Washington, D.C., office Tuesday morning; he tried out the new Oculus virtual reality system as part of learning how social media can be used during disasters.

I thought maybe he was immersing himself in a virtual reality in which:

    his bipartisan bills don’t get killed at the last minute by conservative groups;
    someone is calling him “Speaker Swalwell;”
    he’s nominated by peers and chosen by The Hill’s staff to be on that publication’s 11th annual “50 Most Beautiful” list. (Oh, wait – that really happened today. Well, maybe he’s envisioning himself in a sash and tiara, gripping a bouquet of flowers while the late, great Bert Parks croons “There he is…”).

What do YOU think Rep. Swalwell is seeing in those virtual-reality goggles? Keep it clean, please; we’re a family-oriented publication.

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  • Willis James

    “What do YOU think Rep. Swalwell is seeing in those virtual-reality goggles?”

    I think he is seeing exactly what Mark Zukerberg wants him to see, such that the Facebook “reality” will be his frame of reference for all future governmental matters and votes.
    (Zuckerberg is now richer than either Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s founders)

    The not so subtle brainwashing of our representatives.
    Big money, high tech, big money, high tech….

    BTW, Zuck will surely be wanting Swalwell to max out the H1B workers so he can keep a steady supply “qualifed” staff at a reasonable cost.
    You know, doing jobs Americans won’t do.

  • JohnW

    Well, those are ‘VIRTUAL REALITY” glasses. Somehow, that seems fitting for a member of Congress. “ALTERNATIVE REALITY” glasses might be even more fitting. Now, if they could just invent some plain vanilla “REALITY” glasses for them.