Bay Area’s lone Republican state legislator can’t see voting Trump

catharine baker

There are few Bay Area jobs more precarious than Republican politician. And Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, the region’s only GOP lawmaker in Sacramento, knows knows she’s in for an even tougher re-election fight now that Donald Trump is the snarling face of her party.

“I know there is a possibility there will be drag,” said Baker a first-term incumbent from Dublin, who is facing off with former Pleasanton councilwoman Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

Baker said she had supported Ohio Gov. John Kasich for President, and doesn’t know who she’ll back in November.

“I have not been able to imagine a scenario in which I would be voting for Donald Trump,” Baker said. “I disagree with him on so many things.” But she  has no intention of voting for Hillary Clinton either.

Trump is bad news for Baker, because he could depress Republican turnout and energize Democrats in the district that covers Alameda County’s Tri-Valley region and several wealthy Contra Costa towns including Danville, Orinda and San Ramon.

The district previously was represented by Joan Buchanan, a Democrat. Earlier this year, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon labeled it as the Democrat’s “top pick-up opportunity.”

Baker, a moderate, said she’s counting on voters turned off by Trump to still give her a fair hearing. “This is a very thoughtful electorate,” she said. “They don’t blindly vote the party line.”

  • Arjav Rawal

    “Baker, a moderate…”

    How so very cute and utterly untrue.

  • Elwood

    So, by your criteria, anyone to the right of V.I. Lenin is not a moderate?

  • Arjav Rawal

    No, I’m just saying she’s too far to the right to call herself a moderate. I’ve seen those mailers — what a sorry excuse of a centrist.

  • Elwood

    Thank you for making my point.

  • Willis James

    Yes Arjav….you are correct…..Bernie Sanders is a “centrist”…
    Then you have people like conservative State Senator Steve Glazer, and Catharine Baker who represents the ultra-right…
    I’ve been told she has read every one of Ayn Rand’s books and has a first edition copy of each.
    Yes indeed, the Bay Area legislative foundation is just on the edge of turning hard-right.
    Who do these voters think they are… imagine not voting for the most “progressive” candidate…
    Worst thing that ever happened to East Bay elections… that Top Two choice system.
    First it was Pete Stark thrown out by the reactionary right… and now our beloved Mike Honda is at risk.
    Where oh where will it all end?
    Little Ted Cruz spores all around the bay…landing in fertile soil and slowly growing like Scotch broom

  • Patriot Pat

    I doubt the San Francisco Chronicle and East Bay Times would ever endorse a conservative Tea Party-type Republican. Very well could be that Assemlywoman Baker is a moderate and you’re just a radical lefty.