RNC 2016: Trump’s recent convert California delegates support him fiercely in Cleveland

Tim Clark is Donald Trump’s California State Director and he is about as folksy and friendly as Donald Trump is brash and belligerent. So when Clark let me know last night that he didn’t like my story about how quite a few Trump delegates were not exactly do-or-die Trumpers, it went down pretty easy.

It noted that Clark, for good reason, filled quite a few delegate slots with GOP activists and donors, who had given far more money to Trump’s rival for the Republican nomination than Trump himself.

Clark pointed out that California’s delegation on Monday was boisterously pro-Trump especially when some rogue delegates tried to grind the convention to a halt by demanding a roll call to approve the convention rules.

He’s right on that count, but quite a few of the delegates I talked Monday freely acknowledged that Trump was not their first choice –- or even their second.Vanila

Vanila Singh, a delegate from Silicon Valley (shown below), had actually first been selected as a delegate for Tim Cruz.

But she said she supports him now and so does Luis Buhler, a Cupertino resident and GOP operative that Alameda County Republican Party Chairman David Erlich didn’t think belonged as a Trump delegate.

Buhler wasn’t extolling Trump’s virtues Monday night. But he said he joined with the entire delegation in raising their voices to beat back the mini-insurrection earlier in the day.

“It made me very proud to be a Trump delegate,” he said. “What the Trump team is doing is preserving the connection between the millions of voters and the delegates here.”