Ah, vacation!

It’s my last chance for a break before the general election season overtakes my every waking hour. I’m headed out for the wild blue waters and campgrounds of Northern California and the chance to get away from the blog, the phone, the email and candidates.

But it’s not an entirely politics-free trip. While I’m bobbing around a cove in the shade in Lake Shasta, I’ll have the latest books on hand authored by the two presumed U.S. presidential nominees, John McCain and Barack Obama. Maybe I’ll finish them. Maybe not!

I’ll be back July 6. Have a safe and great Fourth of July!

(Photo taken last year of me and my husband, Joe, in our Crownline ski boat at Lake Berryessa.)


Conservative bloggers call confab

Not to be outdone by lefty Daily Kos bloggers who gathered last spring in Las Vegas, conservative cyber activists will convene in Sparks in October.

The theme of the Conservative Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by Citizen Outreach and Americans for Tax Reform, is “Conservatives and the New Media.”

The program, according to a press release, will focus on bloggers and the Internet in addition to the more traditional grassroots activist training.

“As dissatisfaction within the conservative ranks begins to reach record levels, the timing of this event in the West couldn’t be better,” wrote conference director and conservative blogger Eric Odom. “With Nevada being a key swing state, the location is ideal as well.”

Presidential candidates will be invited to address the conference, although none are listed as confirmed on the agenda. The event also features the first annual “State of the Conservative Union” address. Americans for Tax Reform chief Grover Norquist will speak. The conference will wrap up with the announcement of the results of a straw poll of the 2008 presidential race.

But Sparks?

One has to wonder how all those family values bloggers will stomach the gambling, scantily clad show girls and booze. If you think you can handle it, sign up at http://www.clc07.com/

On the other hand, YearlyKos is headed for Chicago in August. Click here for details.


Conservatives launch Townhall.com

You, too, can be a blogger.

Townhall.com, a conservative political opinion web site, announced today that it will promote activism through the combination of conservative talk radio and the blogosphere.

The first site of the conservative kind, or so they say, empowers talk radio listeners to create their own blogs, podcasts and disseminate opinion columns in their communities.

“The new Townhall.com offers an arsenal of weapons for conservatives to win the battle of ideas,” wrote Jonathan Garthwaite on the site. “The liberals will try to dismiss us but we know better. This is the start of something big and the stakes in 2006 and 2008 couldn’t be higher.”

Featured on the site are talk radio commentators Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Townhall.com Executive Editor Hugh Hewitt. Each has his own page with links to their shows and blogs.

With headlines such as “Bush motorcade stops for lemonade,” “How to buy a semi-automatic rifle” and “Because the New York Times Says So,” conservatives will feel right at home here.

Let the games begin!