Political Haiku, Vol. 7

Obama signs bill;
Are we stimulated yet?
Not yet, maybe soon.

At last a budget,
After all the sturm und drang.
Now the pain begins.

Rick Santelli rants,
“We need a new tea party!”
Make mine Earl Grey, please.

Dean Andal won’t run
Against McNerney next time.
GOP must search.

Torrico will run
For AG in 2010;
Harris sharpens knives.


Political Haiku, Vol. 6

In the end McCain
had nothing left to offer.
Angry old white man.

Obama wins big
for a job no one should want.
Hope and change? We’ll see.

Dems kick butt in House,
Republicans left weeping.
Don’t feel bad, Andal.

A new day dawning,
and yet no joy is found in
My 401(k)

And, hoping nobody minds a variance in poetic form…

There once was a girl from Wasilla
Whose inexperience ended up a killa
She said with a sniff
On November the fifth,
“It’s like I got stomped by Godzilla.”


Political Haiku, Vol. 5

Has it really been three months since last I did this? Shame on me.

McCain discusses
ACORN, Ayers as Dow drops;
Rome burns, he fiddles.

Pay for inmate health,
Judge now tells California.
Years late, still we balk.

A fine governor
Jerry Brown could make again,
Schwarzenegger says.

No stance before vote,
Andal blasts McNerney’s call.
A bailout “gotcha?”


Political Haiku, Vol. 4

Dems put forth budget,
Tax hikes make GOP mad.
What will Arnold do?

FISA changes pass
With votes from DiFi, Barack;
Fourth Amendment weeps.

Dems give Perata
a quarter mil for defense.
Will ‘The Don’ face charges soon?

Jesse Jackson speaks
unkindly of Obama
eats crow for breakfast.


Political Haiku, Vol. 3

Hayashi votes not,
yet her light goes on and off.
Ghost voting’ scares me.

Ted Strickland says no
to vice-presidential nod,
yes to “cornhole tour.

Feinstein hosted meet
for former Dem opponents.
“No blood on couch, please.”

Knowing bad b-ball
doth not a president make.
Hear me, Ralph Nader?


Political Haiku, Vol. 2

Perata can’t pick
between successors, backs both.
Vote Lonma Chancock!

DNC decides
to seat delegates in half.
Clinton’s goose is cooked.

Still McNerney waits,
his superdelegate vote
so soon safely moot.

Schwarzenegger comes
to Oakland to flog budget.
Dellums begs for cops.