Letters from the ether: Not the “worst” offender

Here’s an email I received today. I guess I’ll have to take comfort in knowing that I am not the worst offender although it sounds as though I may be in the running for it.

Dear Lisa,
I have followed your reporting for many years, and although you are not the worst offender, you certainly have not been as “balanced” as I would have hoped.  In reading the below article, (click here for link to article) I feel such sadness in its truth.
I hope once Obama is in office, as it looks like he will be, you and the staff of the Contra Costa Times will feel free to research both sides of important issues facing Californians, like education, health care, and our budget, not from the typical democratic side, but by asking hard questions about unions and trial lawyers and illegal immigrants to name just a few.
Papers like yours have enormous impact on public opinion, and so far our democratic legislators have gotten a hall pass from you.  Maybe now, you will work towards uncovering stories that are considered taboo by the left, shake things up a little, and give Californians a fighting chance to make the changes that will improve our state education system, health care system, budgeting process and our ability to attract and keep good businesses.
No, Lisa, we CA republicans aren’t a bunch of gay-bashing, war-mongering, rich white bigots like the papers portray us.  We are diverse in many ways, but united in THIS:  We believe our CA government is too large, too controlled by unions, overburdened by illegal immigration, unable to educate, unable to budget, reliant on too few for tax revenue, and unfriendly to business.
There are stories in that statement if you would only be brave enough to print them.
And what’s with the Obama pumpkins and Obama Barks on your Inside Politics today?  Are you a political editor or contestant for Miss Congeniality?
Nancy Taylor
Orinda, CA