Cruz gets Bay Area endorsement

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who has racked up endorsements from Orange County and San Diego Republicans, has received the backing of former Energy Secretary John S. Herrington.

Herrington, who also served a stint as state GOP chairman, lives in Walnut Creek.

Here is what he said in a statement released by the Cruz campaign:

“As a member of President Reagan’s cabinet, I’ve seen first-hand how a great leader can change the course of our nation. Ted Cruz is the proven conservative leader our country needs to lead us to prosperity once again.”


Bad week hasn’t hurt Trump in California

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at the Milwaukee Theatre Monday, April 4, 2016, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

 (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Click here for my story in today’s paper on a new Field Poll that shows Donald Trump leading Ted Cruz 39 percent to 32 percent.

Trump is still doing well among men, old folks, high school grads and Republicans who voted for Schwarzenegger in the 2003 recall. Cruz’s base here are women, evangelicals and girly men. John Kasich, who actually has Arnold’s endorsement, doesn’t have much to flex. He is the top choice for just 18 percent of likely voters.

To see the entire poll, click on this: Field Poll


Bernie Sanders catching up to Hillary Clinton in TV exposure

Living and working here in Oakland, I get some gruff from Bernie Sanders folks about how the media ignores him. I don’t see it, but I don’t have cable TV, so there’s a lot I don’t see.

It turns out they do have a point. Click here for a neat website that tracks television airtime for all of the presidential candidates going back to last year.

Of course, Trump has gotten way more coverage than everybody else. But over the entire campaign, Clinton has gotten lots more media attention Sanders.

tv mentions by candidate

If you don’t want to click on the graphic, it shows Clinton with more than double the number of mentions as Sanders. Of course, some of those mentions pertain to her email scandal, corporate speeches and the Benghazi hearing.

I doubt this will appease the Sanders folks but if you look at the last 30 days, he is catching up to Clinton. She got about 55 percent of the TV mentions.

Last 30 days


California Labor Federation makes June primary endorsements

Always an important endorsement that comes with money and boots on the ground. Here are partial results. To see the full list, click here.

U.S. Senate:  Kamala Harris (over Loretta Sanchez)

House of Representatives: Mike Honda (over Ro Khanna)

State Senate:
District 9 (Oakland to San Pablo) Nancy Skinner AND Sandre Swanson

District 15 (San Jose) Jim Beall (over Nora Campos)

BIG SNUB — No endorsement in District 11, where Democrat Steve Glazer still wants to ban BART strikes

State Assembly:

District 27 (San Jose) Ash Kalra (over Madison Nguyen, Esau Herrera, Andres Quintero, et. al)

District 24 (Peninsula) Marc Berman and Vicki Veenker

District 14 (Contra Costa) Mae Torlakson (over Tim Grayson)


Khanna touts another new endorsement

As Ro Khanna takes another shot at unseating Rep. Mike Honda, a key part of his campaign narrative is that lots of local players who either backed Honda last time or stayed above the fray are now on his side.

Today, Khanna won support from a fairly high-profile Honda defector: Assemblyman Rich Gordon of Menlo Park.

There was no comment from Gordon in today’s news release from the Khanna camp. Khanna said he looked forward to  “taking our shared values to the halls of Congress in Washington”

Here is Khanna’s list of folks who were neutral or supportive of Honda in 2014 who now back him. Continue Reading


Obama returning to Bay Area

President Barack Obama gives a smile as he addresses the audience at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. on Friday, Feb. 13, 2015.  (Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group)

 (Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group)

Last time President Obama visited, he showed just how low maintenance he can be by spending the night in Milpitas. This time he’ll be spending the night in San Francisco.

The president is scheduled to arrive early Friday afternoon from Los Angeles for two fundraisers before retiring to his SF hotel. He’ll be here until 2 p.m. Saturday, but it’s not clear how he’ll spend is Saturday in the city.

It’s a short trip for the president. He leaves Thursday for Chicago, where he’ll make his case for his Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland to an audience of students at the University of Chicago Law School. Then it’s off to California to raise money for fellow Democrats.