Voter turn-out already huge

I stopped at the Contra Costa County election office this morning in downtown Martinez to pick up campaign finance reports. Geeminy. It was nuts.

It was even crazier on Sunday — 900 people came downtown Martinez on a Sunday to vote.

“Never, never, never in my career have I seen anything like this,” said Registrar of Voters Steve Weir on his way through the office.

As of Monday afternoon, Weir reported that 35 percent of registered voters had already voted. That’s about the same percentage that voted in the entire June primary election.

Just wait until tomorrow.


Door-hangers contain wrong polling location

Campaign brochures placed on the doors of an unknown number of homes in Brentwood over the weekend contained inaccurate information about polling place locations.

The Contra Costa Election Department urged voters to refer to their sample ballots for accurate polling place locations. Voter may also call 925-335-7800 for information.

The door-hanger asks voters to say yes to Proposition 8, which would declare marriage to be a union of man and a woman.

But it also listed the voter’s precinct location, which was inaccurate in several and probably more instances, said Deputy Registar of Voters Candy Lopez. It’s unclear how many door-hangers were placed in Brentwood or elsewhere.


Inaccurate election flyer hits BART stations

This may  go without saying but here it is: Beware of stuff handed to you at the train station.

Some of the details in an anonymous flyer being handed out at BART stations are incorrect, warned Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters Steve Weir.

His office became aware of the half-page flyer titled “County Government Offices” when voters began calling the internal phone line of one of his staffers listed on the document.

The flyer inaccurately provides a deadline for folks to cast mail-in ballots. All voters have until 8 p.m. on Nov. 4 to vote whether or not they vote by mail or at the polling place. The deadline on the flyer of Oct. 28 refers to the final date in which a voter can request to a mail-in ballot. After that date, a voter must vote in a regular polling location.

Also, polls on Election Day, Nov. 4, are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The flyer lists the wrong hours.

And finally, voters with questions should call 925-335-7800 rather than the number shown on the flyer; this number is an internal phone of a staff person who may or may not be able to answer the voter’s question.