Bernie Sanders catching up to Hillary Clinton in TV exposure

Living and working here in Oakland, I get some gruff from Bernie Sanders folks about how the media ignores him. I don’t see it, but I don’t have cable TV, so there’s a lot I don’t see.

It turns out they do have a point. Click here for a neat website that tracks television airtime for all of the presidential candidates going back to last year.

Of course, Trump has gotten way more coverage than everybody else. But over the entire campaign, Clinton has gotten lots more media attention Sanders.

tv mentions by candidate

If you don’t want to click on the graphic, it shows Clinton with more than double the number of mentions as Sanders. Of course, some of those mentions pertain to her email scandal, corporate speeches and the Benghazi hearing.

I doubt this will appease the Sanders folks but if you look at the last 30 days, he is catching up to Clinton. She got about 55 percent of the TV mentions.

Last 30 days


LA Times poll shows Clinton leading Sanders

If Bernie Sanders is to emerge victorious from the Democratic primaries, he’ll likely need to trounce Hillary Clinton in California and several more upcoming states. It doesn’t look good for him A new poll by the LA Times and USC released found Clinton leading Sanders in the Golden State.

Among respondents, the former first lady held an eight point lead. The lead grew to 11 points among likely voters.

Clinton Sanders

To read the full LA Times story, click here.



George Shultz praises Clinton speech, but isn’t endorsing her

still for hill
rom website Still4Hill.com

When Hillary Clinton gave her big speech on terrorism Wednesday that doubled as a full frontal assault on Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, Republicans were quick to return fire.

Trump attacked her on Twitter and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said she and President Obama “have been wrong about ISIS at every turn.”

But one prominent Republican had kind words for Clinton. “I thought she made a good speech,” said Ronald Reagan’s former secretary of state George Shultz.

He should know. The 95-year-old Hoover Institution fellow and San Francisco high society poobah was in attendance at the Bechtel Conference Center.

Does that mean he’s switching sides to Clinton? “No,” said Shultz who endorsed both Mitt Romney and John McCain, but has stayed out of this year’s campaign.

“I’ve been on (Stanford’s) campus for over 40 years,” he said. “When something comes, I go.”


Hillary Clinton to talk terrorism at Stanford Wednesday


Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are already tripping over themselves to take the hardest line on terrorism in the wake of the Brussels attack.

Cruz proposed policing and monitoring Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S. Trump said he agrees with Cruz 100 percent and continued to press for torturing terrorism suspects. He told  CNN that the recently-caught suspect in the Paris attack “would be talking a lot faster with the torture.” John Kasich said he opposed monitoring Muslim neighborhood in the U.S.

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton will get her say when she delivers a counter-terrorism address at Stanford University. She was already planning to be in the Bay Area for a fundraising junket.

Earlier today, Clinton said:

“These terrorists seek to undermine the democratic values that are the foundation of our alliance and our way of life, but they will never succeed. Today’s attacks will only strengthen our resolve to stand together as allies and defeat terrorism and radical jihadism around the world.”



Sanders vs. Clinton

Democratic presidential candidates, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, left, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. talk over each other during the Democratic presidential primary debate at the Gaillard Center, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016, in Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/Mic Smith)

. (AP Photo/Mic Smith)

Here’s something that won’t surprise anyone. Three Bay Area zip codes rank among the top five for money given to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

And even less surprising, the Bay Area zip code that gave most to Clinton was in Atherton. I went there for the first time last month to hear (but not really see) President Obama give a speech to donors at Steve Westley’s place. Westly was nice enough to provide reporters lunch while we were beached in his basement — Noah’s bagels. As a native New Yorker, that’s one gift horse I’m usually willing to look in the mouth, but I had a bunch. To Westly’s credit, there were no fake varieties like blueberry or chocolate chip.

As for Bernie, SF’s Mission District was #1. And Oakland/Piedmont’s 94611 was #4.

For the full rundown, click here.


Candidates weigh in on Obama’s gun orders

DONALD TRUMP, to CNN: “Pretty soon you won’t be able to get guns. … It’s another step in the way of not getting guns.”

TED CRUZ, on Twitter: Fight back against @BarackObama’s unconstitutional #2A executive actions! #ComeAndTakeIt

HILLARY CLINTON, on Twitter: “Thank you, @POTUS, for taking a crucial step forward on gun violence. Our next president has to build on that progress—not rip it away. –H … .@POTUS is right: We can protect the Second Amendment while protecting our families and communities from gun violence. And we have to.”

MARCO RUBIO, to Fox News: “It undermines the Second Amendment and it will do nothing to keep people safe. Barack Obama is obsessed with undermining the Second Amendment. … Now this executive order is just one more way to make it harder for law-abiding people to buy weapons or to be able to protect their families. This is going to do nothing to prevent violence or crimes, because criminals don’t buy guns that way. They buy from the black market.”

JEB BUSH, in the The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, Iowa: “Barack Obama has proved again why he will go down as one of the most liberal and divisive presidents in the history of our nation. Obama’s declaration that he will impose his gun control agenda by executive order shows an utter disregard for the Second Amendment as well as the proper constitutional process for making laws in our nation.”

BERNIE SANDERS, in a news release: “A vast majority of the American people, including responsible gun owners who are sickened by the deaths of so many innocent people, agree with the common sense reforms announced today. As president, I will continue these executive orders because it’s past time to end the moral outrage of Aurora, and Newtown and Charleston.”

BEN CARSON, on Twitter: “We the People have a Constitutional right to bear arms and it is the President’s responsibility to uphold that right. … Pres. Obama has told us to trust him on gun rights – just like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. … Any executive order President Obama signs that regulates firearms transactions will merely regulate the freedom of law abiding citizens. … The President’s actions have everything to do with advancing his political agenda & little to do with actually protecting American citizens.”

CARLY FIORINA, on Twitter: “Another lawless, unconstitutional overreach. The 2nd Amendment is an individual right. Mr. President, how about enforcing the laws we have?”

RAND PAUL, to Breitbart: “If Obama was planning infringement of the First Amendment, the media would be going crazy. But we should never let any president abbreviate any part of the Bill of Rights. No matter what amendment it is, we should never allow it to be abbreviated by executive order. … I’m going to fight him tooth and nail.”