Welcome back to the Forecast, fans.

Last week’s Forecast, Turn On The Lights, was merely a prototype — Version 1.0, if you will. Over the course of the last few days, football writer Bill "Two-a-day" Kolb (Yeah, the crazy one) and myself have come up with what we feel is a bigger, faster and stronger version of the Forecast.

The Forecast will now come at you in two parts, one from Bill and one from myself. The first part will hit the blog no later than Thursday morning. The second segment will arrive around the same time Friday. We will both take a look back at the previous week and ponder the weekend ahead. As we do so, we will each make predictions on what we agree to be the highest profile games of the week.

We’re sports writers, and naturally, we’re competitive. Records will be kept, some trash talk may occur. For those of you who will undoubtedly point out that my record stands at 1-2 (Thank goodness for Liberty!), we’ve agreed that what happened in Version 1.0, stays in 1.0. The slate is clean. For potential tie-breaking purposes, we will weight our predictions from 5-to-1. We also don’t see why we should be the only ones making predictions. Think you can outguess us, writers and readers alike, post your picks in a comment. The more interactive the Forecast is, the better it will be.

Alright, with that said, it’s go time. The following are our games of the week, beginning with my five-point, most-confident prediction.

(5) California over Alameda: I was at Vanden-Travis AFB last Friday to watch the new-look Grizzlies go 1-0 for the first time in five seasons. They did it impressively, scoring on their first four possessions of the second half and fighting through an officiating crew which clearly thought it was at a Raiders game (28 penalties!!!). I see California riding that momentum and winning its first home game by defeating an upstart Hornets squad.

(4) Miramonte over Acalanes: Like California, the Matadors also looked awfully good in the second half of their season-opening win. It’s an early-season gut check for Miramonte, and though it’s playing at Acalanes, should be game for a gritty Dons team.

(3) Foothill over Berkeley: The Yellow Jackets were way sloppy (five turnovers!) in Saturday’s win over Rodriguez-Suisun City. The Falcons prey on sloppy teams.

(2) De La Salle over Serra:  After being shutout in Clovis for the time since 1979, I expect the Spartans to return home and unleash the hounds. 

(1) Clayton Valley over Ygnacio Valley: While Liberty and Freedom may have something to say about it, this game just might decide the BVAL championship. Both teams realize this, but the Eagles probably need this more than the Warriors. In order to win, however, Clayton Valley will have to shore up a run defense which was more polite than Ned Flanders last week (College Park rushed for 410 yards). 

That’s how I see it fans. Post your thoughts and check back tomorrow for Bill’s Forecast debut.

Until next week…


  • Doug

    The Miramonte/Acalanes game is at Acalanes. It should be a great game.

  • cbryson

    Doug’s right, the Miramonte game is at Acalanes. I’ve changed the wording of my post, but it doesn’t change my pick. Though thanks for the heads-up, Doug.