Forecast results

For those of you scoring along at home, Chace and I were dead even on correct picks in our first week of The Forecast, ver. 2.0 at 4-1.

However, I was right on my 5-point game (Foothill over Berkeley 26-3), my 4-point game (Cal over Alameda, 49-8), my 3-point game (De La Salle over Serra-San Mateo 61-13) and my 1-point game (Acalanes over Miramonte 21-7). I missed running the table when Clayton Valley rallied from a 3-point deficit late in the fourth quarter to top Ygnacio Valley 27-23 in my 2-point game. So I scored 13 points.

Chace, on the other hand, valued his lone blemish, the Acalanes-Miramonte game, at 4 points, meaning he only scored 11.

Yeah, me!

I know, I know, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. But if you knew how badly my fantasy teams were doing right now, you’d understand my enthusiasm…

Also, sometimes staff writer Ben Enos emailed me his picks late on Friday. Poor Ben went 3-2 and only mustered 8 points in the first go-round. That Serra over DLS 4-point pick ain’t looking so hot now, eh Ben?

It’s not to late to get in on the action. Check the blog on Thursday for the five games we plan to forecast for the coming week, and play along with the Times staffers. Just post a comment, and I’ll keep track of the standings.


  • Ben Enos

    Yes, I picked against the Spartans… Last time I make that mistake. I say we need more participants next week. And based on my fantasy teams, the sky is the limit for me.