Funny night lights

One of the best things about covering high school sports is the level of access you get as a reporter.

When we cover a football game, we’re right down there on the sidelines, milling around with the coaches and the kids. It gives you a different level of appreciation for the hitting that’s going on. It also occasionally gives you some insights that are downright hilarious.

Look, it’s high school football. It’s supposed to be fun, remember?

I was out at the McClymonds at Granada game on Friday night, and by the time all was said and done, I couldn’t feel my fingers. Why didn’t somebody tell me about the wind in Livermore? Seriously. That’s just mean.

Anyway, before the game even started, I got a nice little chuckle from McClymonds coach Alonzo Carter. Carter was strutting around during pregame warmups wearing a black polo shirt with the words, "The real coach Carter," stiched on the breast in orange.


Also, when I asked him about preseason All American tight end NaDeris Ward, who wasn’t dressed for the second straight week with a slight shoulder ailment, and whether the team was going to miss Ward, Carter seemed unconcerned.

"We still have two All Americans," he said, meaning linebacker Josh Tatum and lineman Derrick Hill. "I think we can get by with two."

Carter did a wardrobe change at the half, shucking the polo in favor of a raucously loud orange-and-yellow camoflage tee-shirt that matched his floppy hat. Very tasteful.

At one point during the game, as Granada, which lost 34-6, was struggling to block out Hill, Granada’s coach Wicks turned to one of his assistants, singled out a player, and said, "He’s getting killed. That’s his guy."

The assistant deadpanned, "He’s going up against an All American. It’s gonna happen."

You just don’t get that stuff in the NFL or college games.

Heard any funny stuff from the sidelines that you want to share? Post a comment…