FRIDAY FORECAST: Swingin’ for one point!

To speak in baseball terms, this is my first week of batting cleanup for the Forecast.

I’ll try not to let it go to my head.

So as Bill mentioned, there isn’t much intrigue to our picks this week. Once we decide on the games we’re forecasting, we both make picks and then submit them to each other simultaneously. Despite the fact that neither one of us feels that any of these games are "locks", we still ended up picking the same winners with the same values right down the line — except for one. We disagree on the Livermore/Alameda tilt, but we both valued the game at one. This guarantees me at least one more week in second place. I’m not happy about this. I considered pulling a fourth-quarter audible, but I fear it would probably turn out more like a Kerry Collins audible than a Peyton Manning audible. To be clear, that would be bad.

Therefore I’m sticking with my original analysis. And here it is:

(5) Monte Vista over Berkeley: Hand it to Berkeley, they are playing a stiff nonleague schedule. Unfortunately for them, they are playing these games on the road. Berkeley will score more than the 3 points it mustered against Foothill, but the ‘Stangs should still bag this one with their offense.

(4) Foothill over Skyline: The difference here is Falcons coach Matt Sweeney. He’s writing down Skyline’s record as 0-3-1. So I am, too.

(3) Ygnacio Valley over Deer Valley: Bottom line, the Warriors let last Friday’s game at Clayton Valley slip through their fingers. Don’t think the team hasn’t thought about that all week. Chris Allen might be the most exciting player in the BVAL, but the Wolverines will need another playmaker to keep the YV defense honest.

(2) Las Lomas over Alhambra: The Knights defense has given up nine points in two games. I have a feeling it is going to figure out how to stop Brandon Rutley. When that happens, will the Bulldogs have an answer?

(1) Alameda over Livermore: Whereas Ygnacio Valley might have spent much of the week thinking about last week’s loss, the Hornets assuredly had little difficulty letting go of their 49-8 drubbing at Cal. Of course, I’m pretty sure the Alameda defense finally stopped spinning in circles on Wednesday afternoon. Livermore isn’t Cal, and Alameda will make the best of its fighting chance.

Agree? Disagree? Sound off. We’re daring you. Heck, we’re double-daring you! Let’s hear it.