Chace connects!

To which I say, @!#$%$#@!

Anyway, here’s where we stand after this week’s forecasted games.

Chace and I ran the table on the games we picked alike. Monte Vista eked out a win over Berkeley, 24-10. Foothill pounded Skyline 40-7, Ygnacio Valley coralled Deer Valley 21-0, Las Lomas squeezed past Alhambra 32-26 and Alameda torpedoed Livermore 40-14.

So I went 4-1 again, got my 5, 4, 3, and 2 games right and scored 14 points. Chace is the proud owner of the first perfect night of the season, racking up 15. Curtis blew his DV over YV 3-point pick, and finished with 12. Ben, oh, Ben. Where did we go wrong with you? Ben went 3-2 (again) and finished with 12.

The standings after two weeks:

Kolb: 28

Chace: 27

Ben: 20

Curtis 12 (in one week of action).

C’mon, peoples. Challenge our prognostication domination. Post a comment when the Forecast rolls around again next week! We triple dog dare you.