The Extreme

After Bill and Chace invited me to participate in The Forecast last week, I started thinking about cheesy lines in the equally cheesy movie "Twister" where the Philip Seymour Hoffman character says, "They’re going to rue the day they messed with the Extreme, baby!" and "I’m talking imminent rue-age!" Of course, I blew my 3-point game last week when Deer Valley lost to Ygnacio Valley, so the Extreme has some work to do. So as I channel Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, here are the picks.

(5) Hercules over Richmond: There’s a nice little story brewing on 23rd St., but I think if the Oilers win three out of four games, Earth will spin off its axis.

(4) Foothill over SRV: A home game for the Wolves, but history dictates that they struggle against the disciplined Falcons. Could be a close game for a while but I think Foothill pulls away in the second half.

(3) College Park over Alhambra: This could be a letdown game for the Falcons, but they’ve won their last three games against the Bulldogs on the cement-like turf at DVC.

(2) Pittsburg over Clayton Valley: There’s really no reason for me to make this pick other than the fact that the Pirates beat Freedom and the Eagles lost to Freedom. Pittsburg’s 18-game BVAL win streak is in jeopardy, though.

(1) Monte Vista over Cal: Yeah, I know. Cal’s good, and things are different these days. But put me in the ‘but they haven’t faced (insert name of good team here)’ camp.

Swing game: Concord over Miramonte. Wow, did I just type that?