For the second week in a row, Chace and I are freakishly consistent with our predictions for the Forecast. This, as far as I’m concerned, is cause for alarm. Is it one of the signs of the apocalypse? I’ll let you be the judge. Suffice it to say I’m stocking up on bottled water, tinned meats and ramen.

On the other hand, I’m 8-2 and Chace is 9-1 in two weeks of Forecasting. But because of the point system, I still lead 27-26 (my post last Friday was off by 1 point. Oops. Sorry ’bout that).

So maybe we actually know what we’re talking about. I’m just sayin’.

Also, as to The Extreme’s assertion that he’s going to channel Bill Paxton AND Helen Hunt, I say, channel away. But I question the advisability of channeling two B-actors simultaneously. You could get a bad case of the Scott Bakulas. Then you’re gonna need a shot for sure.

Anyway, on to my picks (which, of course, are the same as Chace’s, only better):

(5) Foothill over San Ramon Valley: The Falcons have looked pretty unbeatable so far in nonleague action. Of course, five of the seven EBAL teams actually enter league play unbeaten. SRV is one of them. Still, with the way that Foothill has handled top competition, and the way that the Wolves haven’t exactly destroyed some slightly less overwhelming competition, I’m going with advantage to Foothill. Plus, there’s no doubt in my mind that the Falcons are looking to avenge last year’s 28-7 loss at the hands of the Wolves.

(4) Clayton Valley over Pittsburg: Chace called this one. CV bounces back well after a bad loss. And Pittsburg, though 2-1, hasn’t exactly been impressive in those two wins.

(3) Richmond over Hercules: Why not the Oilers? Why not the end of a 36-game ACCAL losing streak? Why not try something a little different?

(2) Alhambra over College Park: Call it the battle of the Brandons if you want, but I think this game comes down to defense. Ygnacio Valley coach Mike Ivankovich said that the Bulldogs get tougher the more you smack them in the mouth after his Warriors ran the ball down Alhambra’s throat in Week 1. Me? I’m guessing Alhambra coach Dave Silveira and his ‘Dogs learned a lot from that loss, and that they’ll put it to use in slowing Brandon Fragger, Joey York, and Co. Plus, in addition to Brandon Rutley, who has cracked the 200-yard barrier in each of the past two weeks, the Bulldogs have a nice little quarterback-receiver combo in Matt Butler and Mani Bal. Diversity is the thing.

(1) California over Monte Vista: Yeesh. History tells us that the Mustangs win this one in a walk.

But it’s been said that history will teach us nothing. The Grizzlies are on a red-hot roll. Everything is clicking. Can it continue to click against a ferocious Mustangs defense? I think so. I’ll let you know on Friday night.


Ygnacio Valley over Skyline: Ivankovich isn’t going to be lulled by the Titans’ 0-3-1 record. He knows Skyline, maybe now more than ever, is a very dangerous team. However, with the way the Warriors are running the ball, and the fact that they have yet to allow a 100-yard rusher, I’d bet the farm on YV in this one. Fortunately, I don’t own a farm, so I’m just going to put one point on the line.

I’m waiting for your comments, and your predictions for the week. Bring it on.