Forecast carnage!

Chace and I hit quite a stumbling block with last week’s Forecast. We had the exact same picks and point values, so the standings remain status quo, but both of our egos took a blow. On the five games we agreed to forecast,we went 2-3 — the first sub-.500 week for either of us. We both got our 5-point game (Foothill over SRV) right, barely, and our 2-point game (Alhambra over College Park) but blew the 4-pointer (when Pitt trounced CV), the 3-pointer (when Hercules edged Richmond) and the 1-pointer (Monte Vista 34-20 over Cal). We also both got our wildcard game right. Chace hit on Acalanes over Campo (35-3!!!) and I nailed the YV over Skyline game (35-7). So we both scored 8 points this week. Ugh. Curtis, aka The Extreme, bested both of us for the week, finishing 4-1 and missing only on his 3-pointer (Alhambra-CP) and his swing game (Miramonte 29, Concord 0) for a total of 12 points. Ben Enos toed the line with Chace and I at 2-3 for seven points, but choked his swing point when Berkeley handled Alameda. Poor Ben. So, the standings after Week 4:

Kolb 10-5+1 for 35 points

Chace 11-4+1 for 34

Ben 8-7 for 27

The Extreme 8-2 for 24 (totals for weeks 3 and 4)

We’ll try to do better this week.

But if you think you can out-Forecast the Forecasters, bring it on. Post your picks in a comment after the initial Forecast for the week comes out on Thursday, and I’ll keep up the standings.