FRIDAY FORECAST: Dizzying circumstances

For those wondering what happened to the Forecast last week, we have a perfectly good reason. Actually, for Bill, it’s not so good a reason.

Our esteemed football writer has been on the disabled list for the past few weeks after coming down with a case of vertigo. One wrong step and his head spins faster than Brad Lidge watching Albert Pujols’ 600-foot home run in Game 5 of the NLCS.

As much as I wanted to rack up a big lead in the point standings, it only seemed right that we put the Forecast on hiatus until Bill can return from the DL. It looks as though that is not going to happen before this Friday, however. So, in lieu of our competitive version of the Forecast, I thought I’d update the standings and ramble a little bit.

First of all the standings: Despite missing on just five total picks this season, I still trail by a point. To which I say, !@#$%@! If I didn’t know any better, I might say Bill’s illness was conveniently timed. And yet, I know better.

Here’s where we stand.

Bill 14-6 (+2 swing games) = 50 points

Chace 16-4 (+1) = 49

Ben 11-9 (+1) = 40

Curtis 11-4 (+1) = 37 (through three weeks)

So as we charge into Week 7, here’s a few random thoughts.

–There could be high potential for an upset at Acalanes this Friday. If the Dons start focusing too much on next week’s game at Las Lomas, a hungry Dublin just might swoop in and surprise them.

— Note to the defenses of Concord and Mt. Diablo, the next two opponents to face Alhambra: Get used to the name "Rutley", you will be reading it off the back of the No. 2 jersey quite often.

— And wouldn’t this be the perfect year for Pittsburg to finally upset De La Salle? The year nobody gave the Pirates a chance (including me).

Finally, just because we aren’t picking doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Feel like making a prediction, let’s hear it.