Tournaments run too long

On Saturday Oct. 29, the Campolindo girls volleyball team swept through the Northgate Invitational undefeated without dropping a single game, taking out Liberty in the final. But what should have been an exciting match-up with the Lions, who are the two-time North Coast Section Division I champions, couldn’t live up to any type of expectation because both teams were just dead tired. I know this is the norm at tournaments, but there’s just something wrong with starting your day at 8 a.m. and ending it at nearly 10 p.m., all the while playing hard-nose, all-out volleyball in-between.

Why do tournaments run so long again? Here’s the obvious answer: Because no one can predict the speed at which games and matches will be played. But there’s something else that slows the pace down even more. Before every match, teams are inexplicably given time to run through their warm-up drills. Again and again. To which I say: WHAT FOR! Haven’t they been playing all day? Shouldn’t teams be warm already?

Early on in the day? Yes. After a long break? Maybe. After playing a three-game match? No.

I know volleyball enthusiasts might say it’s necessary, maybe even bring in a physical trainer-type to argue how going through the motions prevents injury. But it seems toward the end of these tournaments, teams and players warm-up just to say they did. A waste of time, if you ask me.