Forecast carnage!

Chace and I hit quite a stumbling block with last week’s Forecast. We had the exact same picks and point values, so the standings remain status quo, but both of our egos took a blow. On the five games we agreed to forecast,we went 2-3 — the first sub-.500 week for either of us. We both got our 5-point game (Foothill over SRV) right, barely, and our 2-point game (Alhambra over College Park) but blew the 4-pointer (when Pitt trounced CV), the 3-pointer (when Hercules edged Richmond) and the 1-pointer (Monte Vista 34-20 over Cal). We also both got our wildcard game right. Chace hit on Acalanes over Campo (35-3!!!) and I nailed the YV over Skyline game (35-7). So we both scored 8 points this week. Ugh. Curtis, aka The Extreme, bested both of us for the week, finishing 4-1 and missing only on his 3-pointer (Alhambra-CP) and his swing game (Miramonte 29, Concord 0) for a total of 12 points. Ben Enos toed the line with Chace and I at 2-3 for seven points, but choked his swing point when Berkeley handled Alameda. Poor Ben. So, the standings after Week 4:

Kolb 10-5+1 for 35 points

Chace 11-4+1 for 34

Ben 8-7 for 27

The Extreme 8-2 for 24 (totals for weeks 3 and 4)

We’ll try to do better this week.

But if you think you can out-Forecast the Forecasters, bring it on. Post your picks in a comment after the initial Forecast for the week comes out on Thursday, and I’ll keep up the standings.


Strength of schedule

There’s been some shifting in this week’s prep football poll.  When we vote, we don’t dock teams too much for close losses to quality opponents. Strength of schedule is a factor.

Teams in the DFAL have only one nonleague game per season, so they can’t do much to upgrade or downgrade their schedules. Smaller leagues give schools anywhere from 3-5 nonleague games to set themselves. Which teams year-in and year-old schedule the toughest opponents? Who plays softer preseason opponents every year to build up a better win-loss record? Let’s hear your opinions on this!