Steroids in baseball

Last Friday, the Head-Royce School in Oakland held a panel discussion entitled, "Steroids in Professional Baseball." Head-Royce senior pitcher/first baseman Alexander WeberShapiro did fine work as organizer and moderator of this event. The panelists were S.F. Chronicle writer Lance Williams, one of the journalists who broke the BALCO story late last year; Jon Cannon, a pitcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization; and Elliot Peters, an attorney with much knowledge of the subject.
Though most of the discussion centered on the major leagues, Williams did bring up a good point: “If you don’t have some sort of regulation, you’re going to have some meathead coach telling your kid that he has to take this stuff to make the (high school) JV team.”
Though there seems to be scant evidence of steroid use in high school baseball, the California Interscholastic Federation has laid out a firm anti-steroid policy for high school sports.
Those of you who are players, former players, coaches, parents or just general fans: Has anybody ever gone to a high school, summer baseball or fall baseball event and seen a kid that you suspected might be on steroids?