Comeback Kid

The Dizzy got rope-a-doped in last week’s Forecast, hitting on just one of the five games he picked, plus his swing game, and scoring just 4 points. And with Chace’s big week (5-for-6, 11 points), the Dizzy now trails Chace in the season standings, 60-54. Ben, who went 2-3 for 3 points, now stands at 43, just one point ahead of Curtis (who missed the first week of the Forecast and went 2-3 for 5 last week).

He’s going to stop talking about himself in the third person now, though, and hopes it will spark a late-season rally.

5) Pinole Valley over El Cerrito: Look, we’ve already accepted as fact that, outside of Berkeley some weeks, there is no defense in the ACCAL. The Spartans proved it when they scored 54 points and BARELY beat Alameda, 54-51 two weeks ago. Last week, a generally low-scoring Encinal team scored 34 in a two-point win over the scuffling Gauchos. What do you think that means for high-flying Pinole? Personally, I think it means big offense, big points and a big win to clinch the ACCAL title.

4) Foothill over Liberty: It’s tough to pick against a team riding the emotional high the Lions are on after rallying around their grieving coach and knocking off Pittsburg last week. But Foothill gave unbeaten Monte Vista all it could handle in a 35-28 loss in Danville last week, and I just don’t know if Liberty is gonna have the horses to keep pace with the Falcons.

3) MV over AV: Last year, when the Dons were at the Mustangs, this game featured one of the most bizarre endings to a game that I have ever seen. Monte Vista missed a game-winning field goal as time expired, but Amador Valley was called for running into the kicker.
The 5-yard penalty was never marked off, Monte Vista kicked again (from the same spot), and AV’s Nate Young shot through the line and blocked the kick to save a 16-14 Dons win, and their undefeated EBAL championship season.
If you don’t think the Mustangs have been chewing on that one for the past 12 months, you’re crazy. And this year, they have the beef up front to push the Dons around a little bit. I don’t think this one’s going to come down to a late-game field goal…

2) Alh over Aca: Not to knock Dublin’s Mike Plimmer, a fine back in his own right, but if Plimmer can go for 253 against the Acalanes defense, what can we expect from Alhambra’s Mr. Everything, Brandon Rutley? Here’s guessing more than his average of 191 yards and 2.5 touchdowns per game on Homecoming Night for the ‘Dawgs.

1) Pitt over Casa Grande: Pittsburg (5-3) hasn’t lost four regular-season games since 1998. It hasn’t lost four games in a season, period, since 2001, which was also the last time it lost three games in a row. I don’t think any of those streaks is coming to a close at a tough Gauchos squad, despite the fact that Casa Grande has yet to lose a home game this year. This could be a good one…

SWING TIME: California over SRV. I hate to kick the Wolves while they’re down, but as we established last week, I picked the Griz to win this league. Gotta stick by my pick, however wrong it ended up being…