Curtis’ forecast

I took a beating last week with my forecast, and now I’m mired in last place. There’s only a few weeks left to make up some ground and, well, I’ve got a good feeling that things are going to start going my way. So here we go.

(5) Foothill over Liberty: The Lions’ win over Pittsburg last week made me think of the classic Bill King line, "Nothing is real in the world anymore!" But things get back to normal this week with the Falcons winning in a walk.

(4) Pinole Valley over El Cerrito: The Spartans can just about taste the ACCAL title. Thanks to a week off, a rested Pinole Valley team will be one step closer to going unbeaten in league play.

(3) Acalanes over Alhambra: The Bulldogs have been somewhat inconsistent at home this season, going 1-2. Besides that, four of their five wins have come against, ahem, struggling teams. Acalanes has all the momentum after last week’s huge win over Las Lomas.

(2) Pittsburg over Casa Grande: The Gauchos could be the second coming of the ’85 Chicago Bears for all I know. But chances are they haven’t seen a team with as much speed as the Pirates.

(1) Amador Valley over Monte Vista: Remember when Ben Crenshaw, then the captain of the 1999 Ryder Cup team, said, "I just got a good feeling about tomorrow." Of course you don’t. You’re football fans. But trust me, the U.S. went on to trounce Europe in the final day of competition to win the event. Well, I just have a sneaky suspicion that the Dons can pull off the upset.

Swing away: Livermore over Granada — Cowboy Up, baby.