Look, it’s been a crazy week, what with the holiday and all, so can you really blame us for being a bit tardy on the Forecast update?

I was gonna do it yesterday, but I was too doped out on all that good tryptophan from the turkey, so I took a nap instead.

Anyway, Chace won back the three points I had taken from him in Week 10, going 4-for-5 for 13 points. Curtis, too, had a good day, scoring 13 on a 4-for-5 night and hitting his swing game. I, on the other hand, picked 10 of the 14 first round playoff winners. Unfortunately, three of my misses were point games, so I only scored 10 points. Ben had another rough night, hitting on two plus his swing game for 9 points.

So, after Week 1 of the playoffs, Chace’s lead has scooted back to 6. He has 85 points. I have 79. Curtis is hanging tough at 66, and Ben is bringing up the rear at 63.

Chace should be posting his semifinal picks shortly. Enjoy.