FRIDAY FORECAST: Championship weekend

So here we are. The final weekend of football. And, being the boys basketball writer, I’m okay with that. And while I will be thorougly enjoying the warmth of the gymnasium, I do wish I could see a few of these championship matchups — especially the 3A and 2A title games.
Before I get to making my picks, I would like to point out what a good sport I am in agreeing to bumping up the point values, installing tiebreakers, putting my 7-point lead in serious jeopardy, and giving Bill a fighting shot at saving face. I still intend to win, but I just wanted to put that out there.
And here we go.

(12) DLS over San Leandro: First, DLS will not lose. But I think it’s time somebody threw San Leandro a freakin’ bone. Even if they aren’t as good as the Pirates teams of the past, they’re clearly doing something right (Monte Vista could certainly attest to this). I feel SL is comparable to Pittsburg, so I’m looking for a similar score to the 35-13 Spartan win over Pitt on Oct. 21. Tiebreaker: 48 (38-10)

(9) Las Lomas over Irvington: The Vikings certainly have an offense loaded with playmakers. Unfortunately, their defense has more holes than a screen door. A very good defensive team, Las Lomas might not stop Irvington, but they’ll contain them. And once the Knights get the lead — which should happen no later than the 2nd quarter — they won’t relinquish it. Tiebreaker: 56 (35-21)

(6) Ferndale over Salesian: I don’t know much about Ferndale either, but I did spend two years covering Humboldt Co. high schools and know a lot about the Ferndale football program. Football in Ferndale is very much like high school basketball in the small towns of Indiana — it’s a very big deal. Rest assured, it was no accident the Wildcats upset No. 1 Justin-Siena. If this team is anything like the Ferndale teams of the past, it will be very physical, mentally tough and fundamentally sound. Salesian will have to fight for every yard. Tiebreaker: 38 (21-17)

(3) Miramonte over Ygnacio Valley: Seriously, this game can go either way. Both teams have shown championship quality this season. If it’s not decided inside the final five minutes of the game, I’d be very surprised. I’m going with the Matadors only because of the defense they’ve been playing, and the offensive balance they’ve found behind quarterback Chris Vasilas and running back Gavin Lowery. Tiebreaker: 45 (24-21)