"So how did you come up with those predictions?"

Readers often wonder how we arrive at our predictions for our various league previews. Our predictions certainly don’t come out of the blue. Actually, writers take great care in putting them together, asking coaches as to who they feel are the best teams and then applying their own assessments.

Some teams are bound to be happy with where they’ve been picked, and there’s likely to be some unhappy campers. Sometimes we’re dead-on and get the top teams right. Occasionally we miss the boat altogether, given the ever-changing landscape of high school sports. Our intent is to get a conversation started.

But for all the years we’ve run predictions, we’ve never had the opportunity to let readers see how we arrive at these often tough choices. Until now.  Starting with this weekend’s league basketball previews, we’ll post here in this blog and open that window into how we make these picks. And it will give you an opportunity to be part of the conversation and to sound off.