Complaints about wrestling coverage

A kind reader called the Valley Times yesterday and told me she was concerned about the lack of wrestling coverage in the newspaper. I told her we depend on coaches to call us to report their scores.

"Is that how it works?" she asked.

It’s a fair question, but because of the number of high schools we cover (roughly 50) and the number of sporting events going on on a nightly basis, the high call volume we experience in taking all those results makes it impossible to free writers up to cover most of them. There is also a constant space crunch that limits how much we can write on the events we are able to cover. We have to carefully pick and choose the best ones to cover.

The reason why a sport like basketball seems to dominate the "scoreboard" page is because the basketball coaches are calling their results in more frequently, in general, than wrestling coaches.

For the wrestling coaches who do consistently call in their teams’ results, we thank you. For those who don’t, we want to hear from you so we can better inform our readers who are interested in high school wrestling. Understandably, there are a number of new coaches in every sport who have not been told by their athletic directors how to report results to local newspapers.

At the very least, we need a score or who won, just so we can run complete league standings the following day.

Some coaches may feel it’s an inconvenience or a burden to report their results. We’ll gladly take results from assistant coaches or stat keepers. If you’re not sure what is needed, we’ll walk you through it. It only takes about five minutes.

Being the Times’ wrestling writer, I want to see more wrestling in the newspaper. Because of my other duties, I am only sent out to a few tournaments per season, plus one or two league duals. I also write a column that appears every other Tuesday. The latest one runs next week (cheap plug).

Here are the ways to contact us to report your results:

Contra Costa Times: 925-943-8247; Valley Times/San Ramon Valley Times: 925-847-2166, West County Times: 510-262-2738. Results can also be faxed to 925-930-6150 or e-mailed to prepscores@cctimes.com, but please give us a quick call to let us know you are sending results.

Please call as soon as possible after your match ends. If you call by 10 p.m., we can usually get the result in for the next day’s newspaper.

We do our best but we need your help.



  • Although I agree with the editor about coaches not calling in results frequently, I think the Contra Coast Times needs to improve their coverage of the areas top wrestlers. For example, the Contra Costa area has several talented kids that are ranked in the state and nationally. Nikko Triggas (Campolindo) and Jason Welch (Las Lomas), each “Blue Chip” athletes are among the top ranked kids in the nation. Both Nikko and Jason have competed at three of the toughest tournaments in the country this year (Ironman in Ohio, Reno TOC, and Five Counties) and have done well at each. I think there should be more coverage about our kids that are among the elite in the nation.

    Also, the California Wrestler.com is the state’s newsletter. This site receives over 3 million hits a month and is a great resource of California wrestling information.


    Dave, I appreciate all that you are doing for our sport in the area. Your coverage is well appreciate. I am here as a source of California wrestling and the national scene.


  • I want to thank you for your coverage of the Lawrence Miller wrestling tournament, a fine article. More articles like this one would be fantastic. Now, I understand that you have limited resources and you must cover the mainstream sports, however if you looked at how your website is constructed you have every other sport broken out into their own general area except soccer is with lacrosse. Wrestling does not have an area. Also, in your paper you seem to be able to keep track of the league races in all of the other sports but you never report on wrestling races (box scores). I must admit that since Bill stopped covering wrestling two years ago we have seen an extreme drop in the wrestling coverage from your paper. I have started to report my results to the small local paper that is happy to get the articles and runs the results on a regular bias. Your suggestion about having assitance call in the results is a good one which I will take advantage of. However, please understand that we too we have limited resources and must decide how to get the best bang for our buck. One note on the California Newsletter, although it is a good resource for wrestling information it can be quite chatty and opinions are posted as information as you would expect on any forum type medium. Again, thank you for the article on the Lawrence Miller wrestling tournament and any additional coverage you can give the sport of wrestling is appreciated by these hard working kids.