Boys basketball bubble-watch: Division II

The bubble-watch for the Division II field isn’t nearly as dramatic as Division I (which was covered in Friday’s notebook). In fact, there is a possibility that there may not be enough qualifiers to fill out the entire 12-team bracket.
Through Sunday, 11 teams had secured tournament eligibility. And it’s more than likely that those will be the only teams to qualify. There is just one bubble team, and its bubble as as thin as they come.
Here’s a quick look at the field.

Bracket: 12-teams
Qualifiers by overall winning record/league championship (10): Eureka (22-4), Tennyson (20-4), Las Lomas (20-4), Montgomery (20-6), Casa Grande (19-7), Pinole Valley (17-7), Richmond (16-7), Clayton Valley (16-8), American (14-12), Ukiah (14-12)
Qualifiers by division winning record (1): Ygnacio Valley (12-12)
Maria Carrillo (12-14)
The Pumas’ only shot at getting in would mean winning the North Bay League playoffs. It’s an extreme longshot, considering that the bracket will include Cardinal Newman, Montgomery and Rancho Cotate. Maria Carrillo is 1-5 this season against those teams.

Wednesday we’ll take a peek at Division III.