Rainy-day blues

Most local softball coaches are used to checking out the boxscores in the morning paper. Lately, it seems, they’ve been getting into the routine of checking out the weather page as well.

It’s hard to remember a year where rain has affected the softball season as much as it has this season. First the Queen of the Mountain was canceled because of wet conditions, then the start of the DFAL and BVAL seasons were delayed. I was at the College Park-Northgate game on Tuesday (the first game I’ve been able to cover this season) and it was clear that the lack of game action has affected the players, simply because some routine plays became adventurous.

But the rain affects more than the players. Coaches have to get together to reschedule and find a date that works for both teams. Then they have to scramble to find transportation. Umpires looking to make a little extra scratch are having to do without their strict hot dog and Pepsi diets. The list goes on.

The Carondelet-Freedom season opener slated for March 14 was originally rescheduled for March 25. But BVAL rules state that a team cannot play more than four games in a week. And because the Falcons are playing two games on Saturday in addition to playing their regular BVAL schedule, the game was moved to March 29.

And what’s this, there’s rain in the forecast for this weekend? Before you know it, teams will be going into the NCS playoffs with only 14 or 16 games under their belt, instead of the normal 22 or 24.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure this rain is helping somebody. Like farmers and, well, farmers.