Jayne Appel blogs: Monday, March 27

From Jayne Appel:

9 a.m. practice … how fun is that!? Actually it wasn’t that bad, just a little sore, and still breaking in the new shoes. Practice didn’t go to well for our team today. We didn’t have a lot of energy and our coach made us well aware of this at the end of practice. We were very sluggish. After practice we showered at the facility. 10 showers-24 girls – 15 minutes … you do the math. Not going to work! So the boys went ahead of us and we met them at a McDonald’s restaurant for lunch. Kaili and Jacki had a McNugget race. Kaili whooped on Jac, she had eaten 20 when Jac was at 10.
We went into the McDonald’s and served regular customers and learned what it is all about. Ronald McDonald the clown was there today and Kaili and Jordan ran so fast when they saw him. They are so scared of clowns. We then loaded the buses and headed off to sea world. We played with dolphins and sea lions. We also got to ride the new water ride 3 times with everyone. As we got back to the hotel I visited with my family for a little bit then went and got my uniform and got ready for the jam fest. SO MANY PEOPLE in that gym! It was so packed. A definite home cheering section for the boy from San Diego. Me and Spencer didn’t advance to the finals in team ball. For once I had to look up at someone to talk to them. I feel so short here! The dunk contest was awesome! San Diego boy should have won in my eyes, but the boy going to Duke took it. No girls were in the dunk contest, although 3 girls wanted to be. They told them it was too late to sign up. It’s such a disappointment that they weren’t able to enter the contest. For some reason it seemed like they didn’t want the girls to be in the competition. Anyway, the Duke kid won with a windmill dunk.