Jayne Appel blogs: Overall thoughts

From Jayne Appel:

Overall this has been oneof the most amazing opportunities of my life. I have bonded closer to my friends and taken so many things from every experience. I will never be able to explain how honored I was to be a part of all of this. I had so much fun and will never be able to repeat this again.
It’s off to Boston for the WBCA game!


  • Allen Ross

    Dear Jayne: Stanford has always been my favorite ladie’s basketball team (also volleyball). I’m from Missouri so go figure. When Stanford is on TV, I watch Jayne Appel. Your team is terrific, and I hope you win the NCAAs, but I only watch Jayne Appel. Not just great, but beautiful too. Go get ’em, sweetie.

    Biggest fan
    Allen Ross

  • Allen Ross

    Dear Jayne: I hope your ankle heals quickly. I can’t think of anything that would please me more than to se you in the final, and BEAT UConn. Congratulations on a terrific season.

    Biggest fan,
    Allen Ross