Jayne Appel blogs: Saturday, March 25

From Jayne Appel:

I got to the airport today and was greeted by a hostess who waited with me to get my bags. She told me that the shuttle was outside and they were waiting for me. As we rode to the hotel with Spencer Hawes, we were given a tour of San Diego and all that it has to offer. Upon arriving to the hotel we were taken to the games headquarters room. There we were given a different hostess, a few sheets of information and our player pass. My hostess took me to my room and we put my stuff away and headed off to the fitting rooms. My uniforms are HUGE! but probably the nicest uniforms that I have ever worn! We took pictures in the uniforms and were given the rest of our gear. We got everything from sweat suits, shoes, sandals, socks, etc. Next, a little drama occurred with all the girls when we went to pick up our dresses for the banquet.
When we got to the room, we found out that all of us who ordered A got B and vice versa. It was chaos. I’m surprised girls didn’t start fighting over the dresses, it was that intense. The dresses aren’t the cutest things, to put it nicely, but we will make do for our banquet hopefully. We ended today with dinner where they presented us with all the rules, and then split off into our teams. I really like my team and feel as if we’ll have a good shot at winning as long as we can stop their bigs. The other team is HUGE! Our coaches are all local people and live in San Diego.
They have a ton of experience with them all combined.
Should be a good game. And on other news-STANFORD WON! — we face LSU on Monday.