Jayne Appel blogs: Sunday, March 26

From Jayne Appel:

Today was a once in a lifetime experience. We visited the Ronald McDonald House and met all the kids who are sick and their families. This is the true reason we are here; to help them. It was so hard to see them so happy to see us when they are so sick. They are so full of life and hope, it is amazing. We colored with the kids, handed out mini basketballs, and gave away pro trading cards. It was so rewarding to see how happy we could make them just by showing up. We were told today that our game was going to raise half a million dollars for the new 47-room house. This would replace the current 12-room house. We then walked to McDonald’s in the hospital and enjoyed lunch and signed a mini hoop for the kids to play with in the hospital. We went to the San Diego State practice facility and had practice. The toughest part of the practice was the warm-ups! Some of the things they were asking us to do seemed impossible; but we pushed through them-made everyone so sore. We came back to the hotel, showered and went downstairs to dinner.
After dinner half of us were hanging out in the player hospitality room while the other half was signing different items such as photo mats, balls, hats, and trading cards. Yes, all 300+ trading cards. I’m almost positive I forgot how to spell my name toward the end of all the signing. The player hospitality room is really tight. It has 3 bball shooting games, 2 fridges full of drinks, constant supply of snacks, a big screen TV, and 3 other TVs hooked up to video games.
Everything here is first class and really makes everything fun. I hung out with all the girls that I became close with over summer at USA camp and Nike Camp. It’s cool seeing everyone else now that we all know what college we are going to.